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Wellness Provider Enhances Member Experience with Action-driven Digital Outreach

Press Release from Viverae LLC

DALLAS, April 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Viverae®, a leader in workplace wellness technology, is proud to announce the integration of IBM® Watson Campaign Automation, implementing behavioral messaging within the Viverae platform to deliver targeted communications for a personalized experience. Through digital engagement, the platform prompts members to take meaningful actions on their health in real time. The enhanced experience drives engagement by focusing on the issues that matter most to members, wherever they are in their journey to health.

Unlike mass messaging to a population, individualized messaging is key to providing clarity in a wellness program, as well as an engaging user experience. Personal, relevant, and intuitive messaging is delivered to members at the most opportune time through automated emails, SMS, and push notifications. Communication with specific calls to action is personalized to the individual based on their activity, inactivity, and preferences within their wellness program. By delivering these timely messages, members are guided to complete actions critical to creating healthier habits that lead to improved outcomes.

"As technology continues to shape communications, employers are looking beyond traditional methods to successfully drive wellness program engagement and behavior change," said Mike Lamb, Viverae president and chief executive officer. "By driving awareness through positive reinforcement, members are educated and motivated to make healthy choices through an action-oriented path. These communications arm patients with the knowledge and responsibility to take charge of their health."

In an effort to relieve the burden of coordinating complex communication campaigns from employers, the new technology allows them to effortlessly deliver purposeful messages, all while maintaining their wellness brand standards.

With 14 years of expertise designing successful workplace wellness programs, Viverae serves more than 350 clients throughout the United States. Its wellness platform can be accessed globally where internet access is available.

About Viverae
Viverae is a workplace wellness technology company based in Dallas, Texas. Rooted in care and focused on reducing health risks, our innovative application empowers employers to create cultures of health and well-being. We bring clarity. We inspire. We support. Learn more: www.viverae.com.

Viverae's workplace wellness programs are compliant with Affordable Care Act requirements and applicable law, and National Committee for Quality Assurance and national health advocacy group standards.

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