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Products by Meaningful Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching

    One-on-one coaching supports leaders in creating actions to realize their potential and meet or exceed role demands. Through powerful questions and active listening, the coach supports the client in moving through barriers, revealing underlying paradigms that often block success, and accessing... Read More
  • Values-Based Influence (SDI) Workshops

    With a focus on values, this workshop helps to retain employees, build their motivation, create strong working relationships, and re-ignite the service they provide the organization and its clients. This workshop shows team members why some ways of communicating work with some people, while... Read More
  • Relational Presence Workshops

    Whether individuals have public speaking anxiety or simply want to express themselves with greater clarity and power, Relational Presence training enhances one's comfort and confidence in front of the room. The main goal of this practice is cultivating presence - a real connection to oneself and... Read More
White Papers by Meaningful Coaching
  • Solving Stage Fright is a Relational Process By

    As professional trainers and facilitators, we’ve all been through basic public speaking courses that helped us get where we are today. These courses stressed the need for fundamentals, such as having a good structure, designing learning outcomes or take-aways, and keeping the audience engaged.... Read more
  • Successfully Working with Personalities in Your Audience By

    In this article, Tina Mertel, Founder of Meaningful Coaching, explores some tips to work successfully with different personalities in your audience. Read more
  • Use a 360 to Prove ROI By

    In this article, Tina Mertel, Founder of Meaningful Coaching, explores some tips to make sure participants are getting the most of out of their training. Read more
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