10/26/2016 LB 15 month camp
Products by Employee Development Systems, Inc.
  • Increasing Personal Effectiveness

    Increasing Personal Effectiveness® (IPE) is a skills-based program that enhances attendees awareness of their critical strengths and of areas that need further development. It provides practical tools to use in day-to-day interactions that create and sustain personal effectiveness, leading to... Read More
  • Communicating to Manage Performance

    Communicating to Manage Performance is a dynamic skills-based course designed to empower managers and team leaders to build performance every day, through effective, consistent workplace communication. The topics include: •Clear communication •Ownership of behavior •Positive performance... Read More
  • Professional Presence in a Casual World

    Professional Presence in a Casual World is a unique, instructor–led, one–day program designed to make everyone from individual contributors to emerging leaders more professional in the workplace. Building professional behavior throughout your organization creates an environment of courtesy,... Read More
White Papers by Employee Development Systems, Inc.
  • Why People Skills are Still Being Taught at Work By

    How and why would a “soft” skills voluntary training course hold up for decades in a wide diversity of organizations, corporate cultures, and in a constantly evolving workplace? Three human resource veterans indifferent states who have never met, answer these questions, while sharing their... Read more
  • Life Changing Lessons By

    Personal and professional effectiveness requires more than simply rolling out of bed every morning. It involves making a conscious effort and sound choices that will have a positive impact on your accomplishments and interactions with others. Personal effectiveness means caring about... Read more
  • Maximizing Human Potential By

    There are essentially three types of assets all companies draw on in order to succeed: people, capital, and technology. All valuable, but people are the critical component to success. To maximize human potential in your organization, you must: 1.Improve self-awareness;2. Live by values; 3.... Read more