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TAMPA Fla., Oct. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Sentinel Background Checks, a Tampa Bay Based and BSCC-Accredited Background checks and pre-employment screening company, announced launch of an updated service to individual consumers and job seekers to purchase a copy of their own background check and get a preview of what a potential employer would most likely see. Rachid Zahidi CEO of Sentinel Background checks and author of the book: "The Business Immunity System." explains it this way: "In the same manner that you should look at your credit report before applying for a mortgage or other loan, why not look at a copy of your background check before applying for a job?" Just as the components and scope of a typical background check are usually commensurate with the level and type of position sought, Sentinel through a dedicated portal found at, offers three levels and choices of packages. The platinum package includes a social security trace, multi-jurisdictional criminal search, national sex offender registry search, onsite county criminal search, domestic terrorist watch list, education verification and employment verification. Another good reason, of many, to do a self check is to identify any possible reporting errors or cases of mistaken identity and get an opportunity to correct them with the right agencies or at least preemptively notify a potential employer and set the record straight.

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