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  • Employer of Record

    Acumen International as an International Employer of Record provider can help small and large corporate clients handle difficulties associated with foreign countries entry, such as lack of or limited knowledge of local legislation, short-term temporary projects and small number of personnel to... Read More
  • International PEO and Payroll

    An International PEO and payroll solution is the fastest, easiest, risk-free and least expensive way to have a distant outreach in another land and engage the best global minds with your projects without local business entities, large budgets or any other constraints that might limit businesses’... Read More
  • Work Permit + Expats Employment

    International expansion is becoming an integral part of the successful companies’ growth strategy. Facing growing shortage of skills, some employers regularly report problems with finding skilled workers that motivates them to look for workforce abroad. Acumen International helps you relocate... Read More
  • Express Global Employment

    Express Global Employment: the fastest, easiest, risk-free and the least expensive way to engage and pay your foreign workforce Whether you are hiring one foreign worker or over a thousand of remote workers, WE CAN HELP YOU engage and pay them in full compliance with the labor legislations of... Read More
  • Recruitment and Employment

    Our Recruitment and Employment solution helps companies in IT & Telecommunications, Automotive, Electronics, Construction, Oil & Gas and other industries meet the growing demand for skilled global workforce. It also helps export companies enter and expand in export markets through employment of... Read More
  • International HR Compliance Consulting

    Nowadays both large multinationals, small companies and individuals face a huge lack of information and support on global employment, taxation and immigration, especially if it is about projects with workforce sent on international assignments. Having spotted this growing need for up-to-date... Read More
  • Additional services

    We offer complimentary services next to international employment. Our additional services may include, but are not limited, to the following: • Visas, work permits • Insurances (life, medical, travel) • Car lease/rent/purchase • Office rent • Mobiles, computers • Recruitment support • 3d... Read More
  • Free payroll calculators on 150+ countries of the world

    Companies considering employment of a global workforce – whether it is to enter new markets and sell their products there or to serve customers on-site – must understand target country’s unique specificities, such as employment labor code requirements and local business customs. However, there... Read More
  • Innovative way to enter multiple foreign markets

    Entering multiple foreign markets as a manufacturing or a trading company has never been easier thanks to the innovative way of expanding globally, which is through foreign employment of the dedicated sales managers in your key foreign markets. Acumen International offers its Global Employer of... Read More
  • Extending International presence on a shoestring budget

    All too often, the enormous cost of extending and establishing international presence in just one foreign market frightens small and medium size manufacturing companies into staying local, not to mention the cost of doing that in two or more countries. But does that mean that there’s no way out... Read More
  • How to motivate and retain your dedicated sales force and turn them into your brand advocates

    Our Global Employer of Record solution is designed to help manufacturing and trading companies to not only employ the right sales force who will effectively sell their products in a cutthroat competitive global market, but to make them devoted and loyal to them by offering the employment... Read More
  • Cracking the code of global expansion: Global payroll calculator

    When businesses decide to expand into foreign markets through hiring global salesforces who would represent their product abroad, one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face is calculating the cost of hiring a sales person in the country of their interest. Calculating payroll in the foreign... Read More
  • Global Payroll Calculator

    Global Payroll Calculator is a unique online tool that we designed to help you instantly calculate the total cost of employment in any country of your interest, which would allow you to plan and budget your global expansion costs. With this calculator, you can discover the employer burden in... Read More

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