10/26/2016 LB 15 month camp

Exporting Or Expanding Your Global Operations To Global Markets

A free white paper by Acumen International

Inside the guide, you will find answers to the key questions like: - If a product sells well in one of the new markets, are you sure that it will necessarily sell same way elsewhere even that you use an identical market entry mode for both countries? How do you then decide when and where to set up a legal entity and when to keep a light footprint in a new country? - Does the chosen market entry mode reduce company setup and maintenance costs? - Does it allow you to avoid highly bureaucratic procedures to open own legal entity thus reducing time to enter the new markets? - Is it risk-free enough, does it eliminate risk of non-compliance with local labor and tax legislations? - Does it guarantee high level of commitment of your sales team if you work through independent sales agents?

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