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New Culture Amp report reveals what it really takes to engage employees

Press Release from Culture Amp

SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Leader in analyzing employee engagement, experience and effectiveness in tech startups, Culture Amp (https://www.cultureamp.com), released their fifth annual report on New Tech employee engagement,What New Tech employees need(http://hello.cultureamp.com/what-new-tech-employees-need).

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The survey of more than 200 fast-growing tech companies shows what the most innovative organizations are doing to stay agile and successful and how this impacts their growth scores.

"New Tech organizations offer unique insights into what it takes to get employee engagement right," said Jason McPherson, Chief Scientist at Culture Amp. "Since these workplaces outperform traditional ones in several key areas, we can look at what they do differently and find solutions for other industries."

Contrary to recent startup culture controversy, the report highlights that the benchmark for New Tech company employee engagement outperforms Traditional Tech:

  • "[Company] motivates me to go beyond what I would do in a similar role elsewhere"
    • New Tech employees - 73 percent agreed
    • Traditional Tech - 65 percent agreed
  • "I'm proud to work for [company]"
    • New Tech - 87 percent agreed
    • Traditional Tech - 82 percent agreed
  • "I would recommend [company] as a great place to work"
    • New Tech - 84 percent agreed
    • Traditional Tech - 80 percent agreed

The research also discovered clear themes surrounding engagement drivers in New Tech organizations. The top three drivers impacting employee engagement are leadership, learning and development, and company confidence.

"New Tech employers -- and their employees -- understand there's strong competition for the right people, and they're developing new, creative employee engagement initiatives," added McPherson.

Taking a closer look at what the best of the best do differently, the report also compared the top 10 percent of engaged New Tech companies with the rest:

  • "Leaders communicate a motivating vision"
    • Top 10 percent - 84 percent agreed
    • Average - 70 percent agreed
  • "Leaders demonstrate that people matter"
    • Top 10 percent - 88 percent agreed
    • Average - 74 percent agreed
  • "There's a commitment to social responsibility"
    • Top 10 percent - 82 percent agreed
    • Average - 65 percent agreed

The impact of employee engagement is remarkable:

  • Mattermark growth score
    • Top 10 percent - 612
    • Average - 292
  • Glassdoor CEO approval rating
    • Top 10 percent - 95%
    • Average - 80%

Download the full report and learn more about employee engagement at cultureamp.com.

About Culture Amp:
Culture Amp makes it easy to collect, understand and act on employee feedback. The beloved platform enables companies of all sizes to put people and culture first. A team of experts in technology, data science and organizational psychology ensures HR Professionals have access to the clarity they need, when they need it. With over 1,000 customers including Airbnb, Atlassian, Pinterest and Slack, and a rapidly growing community of over 40,000 People Geeks globally, Culture Amp is making the world a better place to work. Culture Amp is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and has offices in San Francisco, New York and London.

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