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Experts Prove Many Americans are Leaving Thousands of Dollars in Social Security Benefits Unclaimed

Press Release from Social Security Solutions, Inc

LEAWOOD, Kan., April 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Social Security Solutions, Inc., leading experts in Social Security and retirement, offering their clients the best strategy for collecting benefits in line with their personal retirement goals, announced today the release of its 3rd edition book, Social Security Strategies: How to Optimize Retirement Benefits. The book was prompted by the changes in Social Security rules ushered in by Bipartisan Balanced Budget Act of 2015. These recent changes have many American's leaving thousands of dollars of benefits unclaimed, which is a vital amount of retirement income for the average American.

In this latest edition, co-authors William Meyer and William Reichenstein, PhD, prove that contrary to widespread belief, there are still many ways for Americans to get more dollars from their Social Security benefits even with the rule changes.

"We are seeing so many Americans leave tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits unclaimed, because they think they can't get more out of social Security due to rules that have been changed and strategies that have been eliminated," said Meyer, co-author, Founder and CEO of Social Security Solutions, Inc. "This is simply not the case. There are still many creative ways to get more out of this vital retirement income source."

The 3rd edition ofSocial Security Strategies: How to Optimize Retirement Benefitsoutlines the changes made to Social Security, new strategies for getting more in benefits and commentary on the current political climate. Additionally, the book includes new content related to navigating the benefit filing process. Originally, the book was written to assist practitioners in recommending a Social Security benefit strategy for their clients, and it has proved to be an invaluable tool in addressing the variables that impact benefits and offers recommended strategies based on clients' unique situations. The co-authors have spent decades in the Social Security space, publishing research on the topic and being called on as experts by the media, members of congress, and more.

The book will be available for order on Amazon.com.

About Social Security Solutions, Inc.
Headquartered in Leawood, Kan., Social Security Solutions, Inc. (www.SocialSecuritySolutions.com) delivers advice and education about Social Security benefit claiming strategies to consumers and financial professionals. Social Security Solutions, Inc. leverages its expertise, research and technology to help individuals determine the best strategy for collecting benefits in line with their overall retirement goals.

About William Meyer
Throughout his career, William Meyer has looked for new ways to deliver higher quality advice to people in retirement. He has a unique combination of experiences in leading the design and launch of innovative client centric services and products, as well as leveraging technology in service offerings. Meyer is frequently called on as an expert in the Social Security and retirement spaces by the media, members of congress and more.

About William Reichenstein, PhD, CFA
Dr. William Reichenstein, CFA, holds the Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management at Baylor University. His recent work concentrates on the interaction between investments and taxes. He is the author of In the Presence of Taxes: Applications of After-Tax Asset Valuations(FPA Press, 2008), and coauthored with William Jennings Integrating Investments & the Tax Code (John Wiley & Sons, 2003).

For more information visit: www.socialsecuritysolutions.com/

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