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Products by Quantum Workplace
  • Employee Engagement Survey

    Engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, more customer-focused, and more likely to stay. Quantum Workplace makes it easy to measure employee engagement and empower managers and employees to take action. Read More
  • Employee Performance Revolution

    MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES WITH A GROUNDBREAKING PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Traditional performance management systems are ineffective, archaic, and out of style. Let go of your old ways and leverage a system that motivates employee performance all year long. It’s time for change. It’s time for a... Read More
  • Social Exit Surveys

    CHANGE YOUR APPROACH. TURN EXITS INTO RETENTION OPPORTUNITIES. Quantum Workplace flips a traditional exit survey on its head by gathering feedback from both exiters and their peers. It’s the world’s first social exit survey. Read More
White Papers by Quantum Workplace
  • How to Increase Employee Participation with an Employee Survey Communication Plan By

    Is ineffective employee survey communication costing you your employee engagement investment? Poor communication can decrease participation, create distrust, and further lower engagement. But when used effectively, communication can be your best tool to increase survey participation and response... Read more
  • A Practical Guide to Giving and Receiving Employee Feedback By

    We all know employee feedback is essential. Employees crave it. Managers rely on it to improve and reward employee performance. Organizations depend on an exchange of feedback to grow employees and leaders, improve engagement, and retain top talent. So why do we resist it? Why is giving and... Read more
  • 2016 Employee Engagement Trends By

    After a taking a dive the previous year, employee engagement remains relatively flat, and to top it off, deficient performance feedback from managers is holding employees back from full engagement. Who’s getting hit the hardest? Where are the biggest declines and improvements? And how can you... Read more