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Latest Keeper Release Incorporates FIDO U2F Security Keys

Press Release from Keeper Security

CHICAGO, June 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Keeper Security, Inc., the world's leading password manager and secure digital vault, today announced that its latest release integrates with FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) compatible hardware security keys, such as YubiKey, to provide easy two-factor authentication (2FA) for businesses and individual customers. The feature is immediately available to all Keeper customers and provides the added protection and security of hardware 2FA for their critical accounts.

FIDO U2F Security Keys are small USB and NFC hardware 2FA devices that can instantly be added to secure Keeper accounts. Once a device is registered, when prompted for the second factor during login to Keeper, a user simply has to touch the device to authenticate and gain access. The YubiKey supports multiple authentication protocols and can protect access to a wide range of consumer and enterprise applications. A single YubiKey can perform authentication to FIDO U2F supported services (Facebook, Google, Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce, etc.), password managers such as Keeper, Windows login including Windows Hello, remote access, IAM, VPN and much more. The YubiKey works on Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, and on major browsers without the need for extra software or drivers.

"More than 81% of data breaches are due to weak or poor password management," said Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder of Keeper Security, Inc. "Our highest priority is to protect our customers from cyber theft and the integration of FIDO U2F and YubiKey will drastically reduce the impact of a stolen or leaked password."

Keeper is a software platform that provides both password management and secure digital file storage for businesses. The platform ensures that employees who utilize Keeper are protecting the organization's most sensitive assets. Keeper is a zero-knowledge platform that incorporates the industry's strongest security protocols including AES 256-bit encryption, PBKDF2 key derivation and two-factor authentication while also having prominent industry certifications including SOC 2, TRUSTe, Qualys and HIPAA.

"We're happy to work with Keeper as they deliver the highest level of security with FIDO U2F and introduce easy-to-use, YubiKey 2FA, to their customers," said Jerrod Chong, VP Solutions, Yubico. "With a simple touch, customers can have peace of mind that they are greatly improving their application and online security."

"Adding support for FIDO authentication and allowing customers to use FIDO security keys to protect their accounts shows that Keeper has a clear and strong commitment to its customers' security and protecting them against phishing and other attacks," said Brett McDowell, executive director of the FIDO Alliance. "Keeper's FIDO support is another example of how FIDO authentication is becoming the consensus strong authentication standard for consumers as well as corporations."

Keeper will be demoing and giving away YubiKeys at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, June 12-15 in National Harbor, MD in Booth #601.

Keeper Security is transforming the way businesses and individuals protect their passwords and sensitive digital assets to significantly reduce cyber theft. As the leading password manager and digital vault, Keeper helps millions of people and thousands of businesses substantially mitigate the risk of a data breach. Keeper is SOC 2 Certified and utilizes best-in-class encryption to safeguard its customers. Keeper protects industry-leading companies including Chase, Sony, Siemens, Chipotle, Philips and The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Keeper partners with global OEMs and mobile operators to preload Keeper on smartphones and tablets. Learn more at https://keepersecurity.com.

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