Products by Aptitude Analytics
  • DISC Personality Profile

    A DISC Profile allows us to understand a person's behavior, temperament, and motivational propensities. It is the most widely used profiling tool of its kind, and is supported by decades of validation and reliability studies. The results of the assessment are used to create a personalized DISC... Read More
  • APS Pro Applicant Processing System

    The APS Program handles the preliminary employee screening and interviewing and even job suitability testing for you. This helps your company select the top candidates from an easy-to read report. It also allows you to focus your business’s effort on individuals who deserve your attention—ones... Read More
  • Sales Skill Index

    The (Strategic) Selling Skills Index (SSI) is an advanced sales psychometric assessment that is most often used as part of an applicant testing and screening process for sales or as the final step in the pre-hire process for sales people or sales managers. This psychological test measures the... Read More