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Products by Conduuit™
  • Conduuit™ Contingent Workforce Lone Eagle™ Consultants

    We are a risk mitigating Contract Talent Vendor in a secure online platform that works within your current vendor management process and guidelines.Conduuit™ – working under your current vendor management model – offers a one-stop, cost-effective solution for providing independent Lone Eagle™... Read More
  • Conduuit™ Contingent Workforce Consultants

    Discover the benefits to your company with our Lone Eagle™ contingent workforce. Save 40% or more on your contractor staffing needs! Secure and retain more experienced, skilled, and vetted talent. Our Lone Eagle™ consultants are highly-vetted, top-quality Subject-Mater Experts. Our Lone... Read More
  • Conduuit's Cash Flow & Back-Office Services

    We support our Lone Eagle™ contingent workforce with cash flow and other full infrastructure, back-office services, allowing them to focus on your what's really important... your organization's projects. Read More
White Papers by Conduuit™
  • Stop Turning A Blind Eye To Your Labor Liabilities By

    Conduuit helps mitigate risk and maximize your contingent talent investment Read more
  • The Contingent Workforce is Here to Stay By

    We all know some horror stories about the perfect candidate who upon being hired into an organization becomes a nightmare of burden, expense, waste and practically kills what culture and employee engagement there was before the new hire came on board. Read more