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  • HR Webinars By HR Learning Center

    HR Learning Center offers over 70 live on-line and recorded HR Webinars created and presented by experienced employment attorneys. We offer webinars on many employment law HR topics such as: FMLA ADA Sexual and Unlawful Harassment Prevention Employee Handbook Do's and Don'ts FLSA Labor... Read More
  • HR Training Seminars By HR Learning Center

    HR Learning Center's HR training seminars are fun, engaging, interactive and legally compliant. We provide exciting, informative and memorable seminars on important HR topics such as. Sexual and Unlawful Harassment One-on-One Disciplinary Anti-Harassment Training FMLA ADA FLSA Managing within... Read More
  • HR Compliance Audits By HR Learning Center

    Our experienced and knowledgeable HR Consultants are available to conduct an on-site HR Compliance Audit of your workplace. This audit includes everything from hiring practices to termination to ensure that your policies, practices and procedures and legally compliant and will best prevent any... Read More
  • HR Consulting Services By HR Learning Center

    We offer the following consulting services: •Conducting of Sexual Harassment Investigations and Recommendations for Prompt Corrective Action •Review of your Existing Policies and Procedures and recommendations for necessary revisions to such policies and procedures •Drafting of Sample HR... Read More
  • HR Training in Spanish and English By HR Learning Center

    In order to best protect your organization, courts require that your employment policies and training be provided in the language your employees primarily use. Therefore, we provide HR Training Webinars and HR Seminars in Spanish and English for those employers who have some employees in their... Read More
  • H1B Vista Training By Corporate Immigration Compliance Institute

    A step-by step walk-through of the H-1B professional visa process. Who should attend: (1) employer's decision maker, such as in-house legal counsel, HR manager, or supervisor, and (2) the intended beneficiary of the H-1B process. Read More
  • HandPunch G-Series Time & Attendance By Allegion

    The HandPunch G-Series time clock coupled with a software provider is—hands down—one of the most effective solutions for workforce management. What does that mean for you? It means daily, tangible benefits such as accurate record keeping, risk mitigation, and increased employee productivity that... Read More
  • HankKey II Biometric By Allegion

    Our HandKey II product is ideal for applications where consistent and dependable security is of prime importance. The product is easy to maintain, and provides an ideal mix of convenience, security, and peace of mind. The HandKey II utilizes hand geometry to verify the identity of the user and... Read More
  • HBDI By Herrmann

    The HBDI® is a powerful psychometric assessment that defines and describes the way you think and process information. It gives you insight into why you value certain types of information over others. With that valuable knowledge about yourself, you can learn how to “flex” into other ways of... Read More
  • HCM Applicant Tracking By Inova Payroll

    Our HCM software offers applicant tracking options that not only sharpen your recruiting process, but also automatically create employee records that can be used across our payroll and human capital management solutions. Identify and onboard the best candidates efficiently with smart online... Read More
  • HCM Software in Dubai By itechdomain

    iTechdomain offer cloud based HCM software solution for small business based in Dubai. With a comprehensive HCM solution, you can automate several individual tasks that are repetitive in nature. Employee time-tracking, Leave Management, etc., can be tracked accurately to lower the administrative... Read More
  • HCPT/Analytics By 10 Rule

    Contact us or visit our website today to learn about our expertise with Human Capital Performance Transformation! Read More
  • Health & Wellness By Mercer PeoplePro

    We can work with you to ensure the health and wellness benefits your offer work for your company, your employees, and compare well within your industry and region. Affordable Care Act, Consumerism, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Benchmarking, Plan Designs, Worksite Wellness, Private... Read More
  • Health & Wellness By Odasi Consulting, LLC

    PHYSICAL HEALTH PERSONAL FREEDOM FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE When we think of work-life balance, we are often confronted with finding that perfect balance between how many hours we spend working and how many hours we spend with family and friends or doing things we enjoy in our free time.... Read More
  • Health & Wellness Recognition and Rewards Programs By Perks Worldwide

    Healthy people are happy people. In a world where national health care costs increase nearly 10% each year, companies are desperately grasping for ways to reduce healthcare and other insurance costs while maintaining a productive and engaged workforce. This means employee well-being is more... Read More
  • Health Advocacy By Health Advocate

    When employees or their family members have healthcare issues, it can affect their health and well-being, as well as their productivity at work. Whether it’s getting help after receiving a difficult diagnosis, or trying to find answers about a confusing medical bill, our accomplished team of... Read More
  • Health and Well-being Management By New Ocean Health Solutions

    In today’s world, we all demand frictionless experiences. Yet, in managing our health, we’ve grown used to inconvenience and inefficiency. Not at New Ocean. We challenge the norm. By combining behavioral science and economics with original content and mobile-first technology, our uniquely... Read More
  • Health and Wellness Incentive Program By INCENTCO, LLC

    Health and wellness has come to the forefront in all aspects of running a business efficiently and effectively. INCENTCO engagement platforms are playing a crucial role in giving health care providers a tool to influence and reward the right behaviors. INCENTCO platforms are also credited with... Read More
  • Health Cost Estimator+ By Health Advocate

    Health Advocate’s Health Cost Estimator+ pricing transparency solution gives your employees important cost and quality information up front so they can compare costs and choose the best care at the best price. With unlimited support from experienced Personal Health Advocates, Health Cost... Read More
  • Health Insurance By Insuraty

    Insuraty provides group health coverage from the best health providers in the area. We offer plans with reputable preventive, hospitalization and emergency care programs. While these are widely considered the most important aspects of health insurance, we’ve found that there is a growing... Read More
  • Health Management Services By AFC Management Services

    Our comprehensive suite of work, life and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services helps employers reduce healthcare costs, streamline administrative tasks, and provide innovative behavioral health programs to include: -Lifestyle and Health Coaching -Customized training and coaching for... Read More
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) By HSA Bank

    The HRA is the employer's way to offer a "self-funded" health benefit with control over the cash flow and fund utilization. Read More
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) By HSA Bank

    An HSA, or Health Savings Account, is a unique tax-advantaged account that can be used to pay for current or future healthcare expenses. When combined with a high-deductible health plan, it offers savings and tax advantages that a traditional health plan can't duplicate. Read More

    Data Facts makes it easy for health care organizations to proactively identify high-risk personnel or businesses by offering pre and post hire background screening solutions. Data Facts can help keep patient safety and information security a top priority of your healthcare company. Read More
  • Healthcare Recruitment By Human Capital Solutions, Inc.

    Healthcare organizations are constantly progressing and changing. There is an imminent need for companies to have new sources of growth, innovation, responses to change, and dynamic strategies. It is pivotal the right leaders are appointed to bring about these needs for success. In executive... Read More
  • Healthcare Solutions By Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.

    * Personal and professional assistance in resolving any kind of healthcare issue, such as: - Finding the right doctor for specific conditions or treatments - Assistance with gaining timely access to a Top Doctor and top hospital or treatment center - Arranging for a second opinion, including all... Read More
  • Healthcare Surveys By National Business Research Institute

    Assess and improve your healthcare organization. The patient may be the heart of the hospital, but nurses, doctors, and adjunct employees are its lifeblood. As a result, it is equally important to understand both patient satisfaction and employee engagement. While a hospital is primarily a... Read More
  • Hearing Representation By Personnel Planners, Inc.

    Unemployment hearings are by their nature confrontational. Witnesses must give factual details on separations and the burden of proving misconduct is on the employer. A trained representative can assure that your best case is put on the record. At Personnel Planners, all hearing representatives... Read More
  • HelpDesk for HR Professionals: Disc PLUS Free Online Access By Andere Development, LLC

    NOW ON AMAZON PRIME! This information-packed Tool-Kit contains FMLA and EEOC guides, samples of policy manuals for all 50 states, HR documents, sample forms, 121 job descriptions with development template and much more! Our Records Retention Guide will save you months of research and help you... Read More
  • HelpDesk for OSHA Compliance By Andere Development, LLC

    Many employers believe OSHA will never affect their type of business. Anything OSHA considers a hazard will be fined under the General Duty Clause even if there is no actual ‘law’ written about that particular hazard. The 2015 employer record-keeping and reporting guidelines have increased... Read More
  • HelpDesk for Payroll Professionals: On Disc and Includes FREE Online Access! By Andere Development, LLC

    NOW ON AMAZON PRIME! The DOL reports 72% of employers are making regular payroll errors. Is your department struggling due to a lack of affordable training and resources? Do you need a Payroll Compliance Toolbox? Audit-Secure your payroll department with HelpDesk. Inside you will find a 55... Read More
  • Higher Education By Western Governors University

    WGU has been different since the very beginning. We were designed in 1995 by 19 U.S. governors whose driving goal was to break the mold of traditional higher education and come out on the other side with something new, something innovative: something that harnesses technology to teach in new... Read More
  • Hire Off Site Employees By Goemployed Ltd

    Benefits of an off site workforce For companies, there are quickly noticeable benefits when Goemployed helps hire off site employees. •Reduced real estate costs – up to $10,000 per employee •Elimination of costs for office supplies •Greater employee efficiency and productivity – increase of an... Read More
  • Hire Overseas Employees By Goemployed Ltd

    Hiring off site employees has become the business norm for both large and small companies looking to grow their bottom lines, increase output, and provide top-notch service. But what about hiring international workers? Is this something you should embrace as part of your business paradigm, or is... Read More
  • HIRED! The Ultimate Job Search Course By The Career Strategy Group

    Authored by Laura M. Labovich in conjunction with Pearson Publishing, HIRED! The Ultimate Job Search Course is a robust online portal for job seekers everywhere. With 40+ hours of content spanning topics from the "hidden job market" to how to work with recruiters, this primer helps job seekers... Read More
  • HireSelect By Criteria Corp.

    HireSelect is Criteria's user-friendly pre-employment testing platform. Through HireSelect, you can seamlessly administer Criteria's aptitude, personality, and skills tests to job candidates. HireSelect also includes a Job Profiler tool for selecting job-related tests, a tool for comparing... Read More
  • Hirezonjobs- Job Aggregator in Higher Education By Hirezon Corporation

    Higher Ed Job Aggregator to list all Higher Educations Jobs for applicants to apply. Read More
  • Hiring Automation By BizMerlin

    Focus on projects Initiate the Projects and identify the team members Identify the team gaps Find the missing resources and skills. Use the skill matrix to identify the skill inside the organization Open the positions internally In-source the candidate from resources on bench or start the fresh... Read More
  • Hiring Tool Kit By AppleOne Employment Services

    From gaining budget approval, to marketing your opportunity, interviewing, and making the offer, these tools will help you achieve your staffing goals. Read More
  • Hiring, Onboarding & Separation By TRICORE

    Onboarding is a snap when all of the new-hire forms are available online and the new employee is guided step-by-step through the automated forms completion process. Employee data is entered only once, after which it is stored in the system and used to automatically populate corresponding fields... Read More
  • Home Finding By Place2Place, LLC

    Home Finding whether inbound to the United States or outbound to another country we are here to guide you. Since it is different in every country we are here to help you with the process, search, viewing, lease negotiation, walk through and payments. Read More
  • Home Marketing strategy By MoveCenter

    This is a highly effective and proprietary program designed to assist transferees sell their homes as quickly as possible, for the best possible price. As an independent company, MoveCenter has over 80,000 preferred realtors in our nationwide network, representing a large variety of brands,... Read More
  • Home Purchase & Destination Services By MoveCenter

    New home search, Mortgage assistance, Leasing assistance ,Area tours & orientations, Final move coordination, Settling-in services, Cultural introduction, Language training, Auto procurement, Dependent care assistance, Family transition services, Counseling for assignment duration, Repatriation... Read More
  • Home Sale Assistance By ARC Relocation LLC

    ARC’s Home Sale Assistance Program will offer you a Single Point of Contact Relocation Counselor to advise you throughout the entire home sale process. ARC, a trusted relocation company, will provide you information on your area’s top brokers and give you access to our “broker network” database... Read More
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance By LifeSecure Insurance Company

    Hospital Indemnity Insurance provides cash benefits, regardless of any other insurance the claimant may have, to assist in the recovery phase following an inpatient hospital stay. Optional benefits include: • Emergency Room & Ambulance Benefit • Major Diagnostic Exam Benefit • Rehabilitation... Read More
  • Hotspot Editing By Rapt Media

    Creating hotspots on your Rapt Media video is the primary way to add interactivity to your project. Hotspots are contained in the interactive layer of our player and are primarily used to trigger new clips, URL link-outs, and API events. Read More
  • Houston Temporary Staffing Agency By Frontline Source Group

    When it comes to Houston Temporary Agencies in the Houston area and Houston Staffing Agencies in Houston there is just one recruiting employment agency to turn to and that is Frontline Source Group. Our Houston team of professional recruiters offer staffing services for temporary, temp, temp to... Read More
  • How to Design & Manage Your Next Software Project for Rapid Development & Success By The Mullings Group

    Developing software that meets the need of the intended audience and is developed on time and on budget is crucial for your organization’s success. However, poor communication between stakeholders and the development team will put this at risk. This workshop will walk you and your team through a... Read More
  • How to Get Rid of Chaos and Clutter By The Mullings Group

    If there is disorder or chaos in one’s life, then it is guaranteed that they have time and or financial management issues. In this workshop, participants will learn practical steps on how to remove chaos and clutter from their lives and how to establish and maintain order. Learning... Read More
  • How To Hire A Nanny Workshop By Choice Parenting LLC

    Are your employees planning to hire a nanny or nanny share? During this 1.5-2 hour workshop or seminar, we teach best practices to help you confidently find, hire and maintain a great nanny or nanny share without the additional cost of a nanny agency. We will discuss topics such as: creating... Read More
  • How to Live Life on Purpose - Strategic Life Planning By The Mullings Group

    Living a purposed life begins with creating a personal Strategic Life Plan. A Strategic Life Plan is like a business plan for life. It is the guide that is used to fulfill one’s purpose, see one’s vision come to fruition and accomplish life goals. It is a dynamic document and one that should be... Read More
  • How to motivate and retain your dedicated sales force and turn them into your brand advocates By Acumen International

    Our Global Employer of Record solution is designed to help manufacturing and trading companies to not only employ the right sales force who will effectively sell their products in a cutthroat competitive global market, but to make them devoted and loyal to them by offering the employment... Read More
  • How to Never be Broke & Live a Debt-Free Life By The Mullings Group

    People get into financial difficulty because they don’t have a long-term vision of what they want their finances to look like; or they do not have a plan to be able to navigate the day to day issues with money. This workshop will equip participants to succeed both in long-term financial planning... Read More
  • How to Plan on Purpose By The Mullings Group

    We spend our lives accomplishing one goal after another yet we do not structure our lives to maximize achieving our goals. It only makes sense that we plan our time based on the goals we have to accomplish. This workshop teaches participants how to write effective goals and how to get the most... Read More
  • HR (EEO/AA) Learning Center By Biddle Consulting

    Backed by years of experience and staffed by specialists in the EEO industry, Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. (BCG) provides educational resources relating to the human resource field. BCG offers a variety of seminars and webinars that are specifically designed to provide busy professionals with... Read More
  • HR Advice and Counsel By HR Learning Center

    As experienced HR Consultants with an employment law background, we provide the answers to all your most difficult HR challenges with these benefits: •We are less expensive then contacting your employment counsel for every question •We offer affordable hourly pricing and only bill you for the... Read More
  • HR Analytics By ASL Consulting

    ASL's HR Analytics includes a combination of tools that work seamlessly together to help companies analyze Human Resources information. Regardless of their role in the organization, employees can get meaningful, timely information via digital dashboards. Supplementing these tools are predictive... Read More
  • HR Analytics By Fuse Analytics

    While many software packages provide HR analysts with countless tools for analyzing data on the fly, few are successfully driving strategic objectives and metrics beyond the highest levels of organizations. Fuse Analytics was designed for the functional HR user or Line Manager, Region Manager,... Read More
  • HR Assessment By EQHR Solutions, Inc

    The purpose of an HR Assessment / Audit is to assist a business to evaluate whether their internal HR practices and processes are adequate, legal and comply with all federal and California employment regulations. By identifying shortfalls within your HR practices, immediate corrective action... Read More
  • HR Audits By Trupp HR, Inc.

    Wondering about your company’s compliance and effectiveness? Whether you're concerned about attracting and retaining top talent, complying with changing employment law, or just want to ensure your business is running at peak efficiency, getting a clear picture of where you are at and uncovering... Read More
  • HR CD-Roms By HR Learning Center

    CD-ROM DESKTOP EMPLOYMENT LAW TRAINING PROGRAMS When you purchase our CD-Rom Desktop Employment Law Training Program your workforce will be able to participate benefit from our important employment law training at a time and place most convenient to them. The training is easy to view whenever... Read More
  • HR Complete By HR Unlimited, Inc.

    HR Complete provides business owners and managers with dedicated HR compliance and strategic support to help them protect and grow their businesses. Read More
  • HR Compliance Consulting By HRO Partners

    We offer these HR compliance solutions: HR Building Blocks HR Risk Assessment HR On Call Advisor Services Handbook Development Job Descriptions HR Processes Procedure Development Read More
  • HR Consulting By Insuraty

    Insuraty provides services to employers in organizations of all sizes. We tailor our service to meet the individual needs of the organization and always strive to provide excellent customer service to both you and your employees on a one-on-one basis. Our agents take the time to understand a... Read More
  • HR Consulting By Triton Benefits & HR Solutions

    Triton HR's approach to HR outsourcing is different; we work directly with the HR professional as their advocate. Our comprehensive and deeply knowledgeable approach to various disciplines is designed to ease the burden placed on the HR department. We take on the meaningful challenge of... Read More
  • HR Consulting By EngageHRnow, LLC.

    Numerous clients reach out knowing that they need assistance but just aren’t sure where or how to get started. At EngageHRnow we work with our clients to determine their HR needs, help them prioritize and offer them cost-efficient solutions. Our HR services are tailored to your needs. Read More
  • HR Consulting - Workforce Management By Talent Savant

    We partner with you beyond just hiring! Need compensation and workforce analysis? We can do that. Our experienced HR specialists have years of experience partnering with leaders to create a strategic workforce plan. Read More
  • HR Consulting Services By Fuse Analytics

    Human Resources departments across the globe are working towards evolving into strategic business units. The single biggest hurdle to this transformation is consolidating and cleansing global HR and Payroll data. Most organizations are sitting on multiple systems like PeopleSoft, SAP, Workday,... Read More
  • HR Consulting Services By Trupp HR, Inc.

    HR expertise tailored to the needs of your business. Trupp HR Consulting Services encompass a broad spectrum of HR disciplines designed to provide HR expertise that supports the success of your organization. Our delivery of consulting services is based upon timely execution of agreed upon... Read More
  • HR Hackathon By Professional Adulting

    An inclusive problem solving program to advance the collaborative & authentic change within your HR department. This program supports the development of progressive strategies to workforce challenges and opportunities posed by generational shifts, technological advances and cultural adaptations. Read More
  • HR Hotline By XpertHR

    Have your HR questions answered by a live advisor, avoiding costly research time and reducing legal fees. Our team of HRCI- and SHRM-certified professionals are available when you need them to point you in the right direction, offer a second opinion and coach you through complex issues. Read More
  • HR Information Information System - HRIS By AdminiSMART

    Today businesses of all sizes can streamline administration, ensure compliance, and improve communication through HRIS technology. Most payroll service bureaus -- big and small -- offer this option. Simply put, you probably cannot afford to not implement an HRIS solution if you haven't... Read More
  • HR Leaders Are Flocking to Pulsing Surveys By TINYpulse

    No doubt you’re familiar with the annual employee survey. Heck, you’re probably more than familiar. You’ve probably helped run one or two (or more!) since you’ve been working in the HR field. But annual surveys are fraught with problems. When we asked 500 managers to share why they were... Read More
  • HR Management Software By Advance Systems

    Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software features Human Resources Management functions that help streamline the HR process. Mitrefinch HR Management Software improves productivity and increases efficiency by saving time and money. The HR department can easily track job applications within the... Read More
  • HR Management Software By Fairsail

    With HR management software, your mid-sized, multinational company could increase productivity by fully automating the entire employment journey from recruitment and on-boarding to performance management and off-boarding. Gone are the days of multiple record keeping. With Fairsail's HR software,... Read More
  • HR Market Intelligence/Benchmarking By Information Services Group

    ISG provides comprehensive sourcing advisory services to help enterprises measure their HR services against other companies in the field. Our Mark-to-Market® database contains market pricing for all major HR processes, including workforce administration, payroll, benefits administration,... Read More
  • HR Outsourcing By Trupp HR, Inc.

    HR Outsourcing Services Scaled to Your Business We understand that every business is unique. Our outsourcing services have been designed to accommodate the unique spectrum of your business requirements. Enjoy the convenience of a personalized HR experience that provides as little or as much HR... Read More
  • HR Outsourcing By EngageHRnow, LLC.

    Businesses that partner with EngageHRnow enjoy the ability to focus on growing their business due to the trusted relationship and peace of mind that comes from relying on our HR knowledge and expertise. We work with you to determine just what your unique requirements are; whether you’re looking... Read More
  • HR Outsourcing By my HR help

    If you are a small to medium-sized business, a fractional approach to HR functions is necessary so you may focus your assets and time to scaling your business. Let’s face it. It's hard to find an organization that can do all HR services well. At myHRhelp we want to make your job easier. Our HR... Read More
  • HR Outsourcing By EQHR Solutions, Inc

    While HR outsourcing was once reserved for larger employers, small- to medium-size organizations are quickly learning that it can boost their bottom line as well. That's where eqHR comes in. With a staff that includes seasoned senior HR executives, eqHR provides standalone, customized HR... Read More
  • HR Outsourcing By CMS, Communication and Management Services, LLC

    CMS can also serve as an entire Human Resource Department for organizations of all sizes, and we do it all with the expertise and efficiency that comes from understanding our clients' unique needs and expectations. Read More
  • HR Portal / SelfSource By Auxillium West HR Software

    HR Portal SelfSource™ is a web-based module, which enables self-service transactions by employees and managers. Examples: change of address, update emergency contacts, benefits enrollment, etc HR Portal SelfSource™ saves time for managers, employees and HR by streamlining many time-consuming... Read More

    HR Program & Process Management is about mitigating risk. Lowering risk for business owners, managers and employees is what keeps businesses profitable. Our approach to human resources is bottom-line driven. Programs, policies, procedures, should be cost effective, compliant and engaging. We... Read More
  • HR Recruitment By Decision Toolbox Inc.

    Decision Toolbox is an HR recruiting services company with a handle on Human Resources staffing. If you’re hunting for business savvy HR talent, leverage our team of Recruitment Specialists, Sourcers, Writers and Media Specialists with a solid track record in finding, attracting and hiring for... Read More
  • HR Software Blog By Compare HRIS

    Technology, compliance, employment… we talk about it all and more! Read More
  • HR Software Quick Search By Compare HRIS

    Quickly find and compare HRIS products in less than 5 minutes, filtering by the features you desire. Compare only the systems that match your requirements, saving you time and research. Read More
  • HR Solutions By First Contact HR

    One of our competitive advantages is to help clients achieve superior results within their industry. Our human resource consulting services provide our clients the opportunity to partner with us on strategic human resource interventions in support of their organization's goals and objectives.... Read More
  • HR Speakers By HR Learning Center

    HR Learning Center can provide HR speakers and/or HR keynote speakers to deliver presentations on-site to your company or organization on various HR and employment law topics including Workplace Violence Prevention Training, Sexual and Unlawful Harassment, FMLA, ADA, Labor Relations, Employment... Read More
  • HR Strategy & Talent Management By Mercer PeoplePro

    Even small HR teams can use technology to manage big loads. New and emerging tools can help you with a wide variety of workplace and people issues: payroll, benefits management, risk avoidance, legal compliance, efficiency and transparency. Let us advise you on the right tools to help you manage... Read More
  • HR Tech By HRO Partners

    HRO Partners helps companies navigate the maze of workforce technology solutions to solve their biggest HR challenges, automate ongoing processes, and drive organizational results through improved, and efficient HR tech. Why You May Need It As modern businesses evolve, utilizing modern day HR... Read More
  • HR Technology By OQ Consulting LLC

    Services related to the selection, implementation and alignment of HR-related technology. Vendor Selection Implementation Project Management Analyses & Reporting Audit, Alignment & Recommendations Read More
  • HR Technology (Core HR and Talent Management) By Information Services Group

    ISG provides comprehensive sourcing advisory services to help organizations become digital enterprises of tomorrow. From intuitive and mobile self-service software to predictive analytics and integrated talent management suites, advances in technology are enabling many of the transformational... Read More
  • HR Transformation Toolkit By XpertHR

    We put policy templates, how-to guides, authoritative legal guidance—and much more—in plain English—at your fingertips so your team can spend less time on paperwork and more time with human capital. Read More
  • HR/Payroll Systems Consultation By HR Payroll Systems

    HR Payroll Systems helps HR professionals with the identification, evaluation and selection of HRIS software. Whether you’re looking to automate a manual process or replace vendors, we are here to help you identify HRIS software solutions that will best fit your organizational needs. We have... Read More
  • HRCI and SHRM Recertification Provider By TalentKeepers

    TalentKeepers is an approved continuing education provider for SHRM and HRCI accredited programs. We offer low-cost, high-quality online learning, developed and presented by subject matter experts in the areas of employee engagement and retention. All credentialed HR Professionals including:... Read More
  • HRIS & Payroll Human Resource Management Systems By HRMS Solutions, Inc.

    Solutions that unite all aspects of HR, payroll and talent management under one comprehensive solution, including tax management and compliance, time & attendance and workforce analytics. Read More
  • HRIS Articles and Resources By HR Payroll Systems’s database of HR payroll software (HRIS/HRMS) articles are designed to help HR professionals through the different phases of the HRIS system buying process. We are HR’s #1 resource for vendor-neutral HRIS articles that provide information on how to evaluate and select the... Read More
  • HRIS Technology By Triton Benefits & HR Solutions

    Triton HR understands the value of human capital, and the continuous and growing burden of managing and supporting various Payroll / HR tasks. Our technology offering gives you the ability to easily track, manage and analyze your workforce so you spend less time administrating, and more time on... Read More
  • HRLumina By PayNorthwest

    HRLumina is a part of PayNorthwest’s Lumina platform – a web-based, single sign-on, single database, single user interface system to manage payroll, HR, and Time and Labor all in one place. HRLumina lowers the cost and time needed to manage critical HR-related tasks. Benefits include: -Easy... Read More
  • HRMC Acclaim By HRMC

    What Can Acclaim Do For You? -Reduce interview process “bail-outs” with one seamless interaction -Cast a wider recruiting net, especially among passive job candidates -Increase the overall quality of hires -Reduce time spent on administrative tasks -Reduce recruiting cycle times -Lower overall... Read More
  • HRMS By ASL Consulting

    ASL provides #HireToRetire Software including Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Payroll, HR Analytics, Human Capital Management and Workforce management to companies of all sizes. ASL's Software is Multi-lingual, Multi-currency & Multi-country. Our solutions are efficient and... Read More
  • HRSource HRIS By Auxillium West HR Software

    HRSource™ is a powerful HR database/HRIS for all your employee data from hiring to end-of-employment. Store all your HR data into an integrated easy to use system that will track history, analyze data, and generate reports and letters. Built on Microsoft ACCESS, HRSource™ is an open and... Read More
  • HSA (Health Savings Accounts) By Atlas 401(k) Retirement Solutions

    HSA is one of the fastest growing trends for company benefits. With the cost of healthcare going up every year without a cost ceiling in sight, pre-tax savings for healthcare (for current year and the future) is a benefit more people are asking for. HSA is very reasonably priced and easy to... Read More
  • H-Squared Leadership Institute By Benefit Planning Consultants, Inc.

    The H-Squared Leadership Institute is an initiative focused on helping people take the good in life to a higher power and to inspire everyone to make the world a kinder, gentler, and more positive place. It was founded by Habeeb Habeeb, CEO of BPC Read More
  • Human Capital By Cloud Services Solutions, Inc.

    Core HR, Benefits, Benefits Administration, Payroll, Payroll Interface, Time & Labor,Pension, Position Management, Recruitment, Self Service, Manager Self Service, Position Management, and Performance Management as well application integrations and connectivity with third party solutions. Read More
  • Human Capital Management By TISOMO Consulting Group, LLC

    An effective people strategy aligns an organization for future growth and success. Our team can provide you with solutions for the following: - Total Rewards - Talent Management - Strategic Workforce Planning - Workforce Analytics​ - Talent Acquisition - Leadership Development - Employee Engagement Read More
  • Human Capital Management Software By Fairsail

    Transform the way you manage your modern workforce. Fairsail captures the key details of every employee – from contract and salary information to tasks and skills, including time management. Features • A single system of record • Implement global policies and local requirements • Self service... Read More
  • Human Capital Management System By TRICORE

    TriCore's HCMS is the most comprehensive affordable system in the mid-sized employer space. This SaaS system offers full integration of payroll, benefits, time & attendance, applicant tracking, onboarding, employee self-service and report writing. It really must be seen to be appreciated. Read More
  • Human Resource Consulting By Odasi Consulting, LLC

    Odasi Consulting provides human resource consulting services on a project or retained basis, depending on the needs of the client. PROJECT CAPABILITIES Human Resource Assessments – Compliance Audits & Investigations Performance Management – Goal Setting, Appraisals, & Feedback Programs Culture... Read More
  • Human Resource Information Systems By HRMS Solutions, Inc.

    Modern and powerful HR software with complete functionality to meet all your unique needs, including recruiting, onboarding, benefits administration, training, performance and self-service. HRMS Solutions offers a compelling choice of solutions, both cloud-based and on-premise, by partnering... Read More
  • Human Resource Planning and Management By BizMerlin

    Resource allocation is the assignment of available resources to various uses. In project management, resource allocation is the scheduling of activities and the resources required by those activities while taking into consideration both the resource availability and the project time. Optimal... Read More
  • Human Resource Support and Services By Jackson Lewis P.C.

    Employee relations, human capital, talent management – regardless of what you call your human resources function, the way you anticipate and respond to employee relations issues is an integral part of your company’s long term success and sets the tone for your corporate culture. Jackson Lewis... Read More
  • Human Resources Consulting By Welstonne HR

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  • Human Resources Delivery Strategy By Information Services Group

    ISG provides comprehensive sourcing advisory services and special expertise in HR delivery strategy. ISG has helped hundreds of organizations define an optimal delivery strategy for their HR services. Our consultants can help you: • Assess current state cost and quality of service delivery; •... Read More
  • Human Resources Solutions By PDS

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