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    Cloud Based Incentive Platforms
    INCENTCO is a leader in innovative, cloud-based incentive, recognition, engagement, awards, and performance management platforms for customers and employees. Our clients benefit from fully comprehensive and privately branded platforms that provide them the technology and support to set up,...
  • CoreHealth Technologies

    CoreHealth Wellness Platform: CoreHealth’s all-in-one corporate wellness platform is trusted by global organizations to power their health and wellness programs for 3+ million employees worldwide. Leading corporate wellness companies trust our platform to develop and deliver results-driven wellness programs to employer...
  • H2 Wellness, Incorporated

  • Benovate Inc.

  • Wespire, Inc.

  • Meliora Technology LLC

  • Burner Wellness

    Burner : The Burner Wellness platform does what it sets out to do: Provide a culture building, yet personalized experience to every employee within your organization. Burner creates a personalized fitness, meditation and nutrition plan for every individual. A daily activity score allows people to keep...
  • Being by The Big Know

    Being is an on-demand course series taught by world-class wellbeing and benefits experts. Employers of all sizes can affordably license, brand and integrate these courses to accomplish two things: 1. Inspire employee curiosity in benefits and wellbeing 2. Lift awareness and utilization in...
  • FIT2order

  • Peerfit

    Peerfit is a digital platform that’s helping insurance carriers, brokers and employers redefine corporate wellness programs. Peerfit gives employees access to a network of premium fitness studios – offering a variety of classes that cater to all levels of fitness – using workplace wellness...