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Acumen International is a Global Employer of Record (EOR)/PEO service provider. We help large companies and SMEs to hire global workforce and get an expedited, ‘express’ global footprint all over the world without the need to register their own business entities. We act as a legal employer on...


Employer of Record and International Payroll


Employer of Record: We employ your people, but they work for you. That’s it in a nutshell—you partner with us to employ the people you want to hire. It enables you to avoid the complexity of setting up as a legal entity in different countries. Meaning you can take your business to new markets quickly, with...
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HR Source Staffing

Human Resource Staffing & Placement


HR Source Staffing is a women-owned business, providing staffing options for HR needs. Our consultants are specialized, knowledgeable and experienced professionals ready to assist companies nationwide. From temporary backfills to project support or full-time hires, we can shorten your search for...

Global Expansion

Why Global Expansion? Award Winning Technology

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Employer of Record: Global Expansion’s EOR platform and support services allow you to quickly hire legal, full-time workers in a new country without having to first establish a local business entity. On paper, the worker is employed by us, but in every meaningful sense, they work for you. Looking for a better...
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Remofirst employs your employees and/or contractors on your behalf in 150+ countries so you don't need to spend months and tens of thousands of dollars setting-up a local entity to work with talent in those countries. You can pay, manage, and offer benefits to your global talent using locally...