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Compare background check companies that screen candidates as part of an organization’s hiring process to ensure potential employees are qualified, eligible for employment, and free of criminal history.

Background check companies offer a variety of essential screening services and may also offer add-ons to complete a more comprehensive background investigation. Look for the following features when selecting the best background check company to meet your business needs.

Elements of the best background checks for employers include:

  • FCRA-compliance, 
  • Accreditation by the Professional Background Screeners Association,
  • Social Security verification,
  • Address history,
  • National Sex Offender List search,
  • Federal and county level criminal check,
  • Employment verification,
  • Scalable pricing options, and
  • Integration with applicant tracking systems.

Depending on position and industry, hiring managers may be looking for more comprehensive features that go further to include reference checks, credit checks, education verification, international background screening capabilities, and validation of industry-specific specifications.

Minimize risk to your company and make your hiring process more efficient by finding a background screening vendor you trust to align with the best interests of your organization.

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DISA Global Solutions

Employee Screening Solutions

Rating: 5/5 - 8 reviews

Employee Background Checks: Employers count on an accurate background check. The most common reason is to ensure they make informed, fair decisions and hire qualified candidates, which helps build a team that is trustworthy and capable of contributing to the success of the company. Pre-employment background screening...
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Actionable insight you trust.

Rating: 5/5 - 3 reviews

Global Screening: Peopletrail provides a wide selection of global screening services in over 190 countries and territories around the world. If you want, safe, rapid, actionable global data on your candidates, Peopletrail is the preferred partner.
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Rating: 5/5 - 18 reviews

International background checks: Run background checks in 200+ countries through a single platform. Checkr makes it easy for you to quickly scale your hiring around the world and minimizes the complexity of constantly-evolving local regulations related to background checks.
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Know BEFORE you hire.

Rating: 5/5 - 29 reviews

Background Checks: iprospectcheck provides a comprehensive portfolio of employment screening searches, verifications, and compliance tools. We specialize in utilizing a consultative approach to help you determine what products and services are best suited to your company’s unique needs. Our extensive experience...
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Alliance Background LLC

Background Screening Company

Rating: 5/5 - 6 reviews

Alliance Background LLC is a trailblazer in background screening, aiding businesses with a comprehensive suite of employee and volunteer screening tools designed for risk assessment. Our prime focus is to offer customizable, enterprise-level solutions coupled with boutique-style service, ensuring that your hiring process is in good hands. As a reliable partner in your HR journey, our mission is integrity, transparency, and unwavering customer commitment with accurate, fast, and compliant background checks.

Orange Tree Employment Screening

Fast and Easy Background Screening

Criminal Background Research: At Orange Tree, we believe in helping employers find the candidate who represents the best fit for their open position. Background checks play a key role during the assessment process, and one of the most essential areas for consideration is an applicant's criminal history. To help our...
Learn more about Criminal Background Research

Backgrounds Online

Employment Background Screening

Global Employment Background Checks: Comprehensive screening solutions with white glove service. Our screening services help you find strong candidates, make informed decisions and maintain safe workplaces. We provide accurate, up-to-date reports that give you an edge in the hiring process.
Learn more about Global Employment Background Checks

Infinity Background Check Services LLC

Background Screening Services

Federal, State, and County Criminal Searches: Name and DOB search of misdemeanor or felony federal, state, and county court records. A name and date of birth search of court records for an applicant. Includes all available, reportable records, including criminal records, bankruptcies, tax liens and other records from the district and...
Learn more about Federal, State, and County Criminal Searches

Express Background Checks

Employment Screening & Background Checks

Pre-Employment Background Check Packages: To conduct a thorough background check for a potential hire, a criminal record search is vital. The most common types of criminal searches include Nationwide Criminal, Statewide Criminal, Country Criminal, and the Sex Offender Registry. In addition to these searches, Express Background Checks...
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Criminal Background Checks: You're building a strong, authentic culture at your organization. That's why you're careful about the people you hire. It’s also the reason why it’s necessary to review every applicant closely. Sterling's criminal background check, identity verification, and background screening solutions -...
Learn more about Criminal Background Checks

Justifacts Credential Verification, Inc.

Thorough, Informative Background Investigations

Criminal Record and Background Check Services: In the work place today, most employers agree that it is vital to conduct a comprehensive criminal background check of all applicants. Conducting a thorough criminal record search guards against instances of workplace violence , theft and other criminal activity. Additionally, it protects...
Learn more about Criminal Record and Background Check Services

AmericanChecked Inc.

Nationally Accredited Background Screening

I-9 and SSN Verifications: AmericanChecked can automte your company's I-9 compliance requirements.
Learn more about I-9 and SSN Verifications

Corra Group

Check them out before you hire.

Trucking & Transportation Background Checks: Protect your Fleet with Corra's Background Screening Services Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance updates has changed substantially in the past few years. Most insurance companies will no longer provide you with the MVR DMV Driving Records Reports for your truckers and transport...
Learn more about Trucking & Transportation Background Checks

AmeriWide Screeners

A Fresh Approach to Background Screening

Rating: 5/5 - 3 reviews

Driving Records: DMV Records: Transportation Companies regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) are required to request MVR reports annually on their drivers. The MVR records must be maintained for three years. Drug Testing: The DOT requires a drug screen prior to employment, randomly at least once...
Learn more about Driving Records

Verify360 LLC

People committed to background screening since 1986

Verify360 LLC excels in providing comprehensive, accurate, and cost-effective employment background checks, allowing you to make well-informed and critical hiring decisions. We offer thorough pre- and post-employment screenings, validating candidates' educational qualifications, previous employments, and any associated criminal histories. Verify360 assists companies in navigating HR hiring processes, reducing risks, and retaining trustworthy employees.


Build Great Teams

Rating: 5/5 - 88 reviews

GoodHire's comprehensive suite of employment screening services equips employers with timely and insightful details to empower informed hiring decisions. Our vast selection of over 100 pre-employment screening and background check services is suited to meet all your needs, backed by advanced data engineering and top-tier compliance standards. GoodHire's emphasis on speed, simplicity, and quality results connects companies with fast turnaround times, customizable packages, and a dependable layer of confidence to foster a more efficient and comprehensive hiring process.

Stealth Partners Inc

Background Check Screening for Employers

Nationwide and International Background Services: Stealth Partners, Inc. can develop bankruptcy, civil, criminal and other background information for it’s clients in almost any country anywhere in the world. Prices vary from country to country and most countries require a release from the subject of the inquiry. In many countries we provide...
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Pointhr Inc. - i9everywhere

Proceed with Confidence

Pre-Employment Screening: Knowledge is power - and the more you know before you add a potential new hire to your team the better. Background checks have become a required step in the employment process. But how do you know you're getting the value you're paying for? Hire PointHR: We're the leader in comprehensive,...
Learn more about Pre-Employment Screening

Shield Screening

Full Service Background Screening Company

Screening Solutions: Volunteer: Your volunteers are the face of your organization, and failing to properly screen your volunteers could be unnecessarily risky and costly. The latest studies show that 40% of non-profits and service organizations fail to screen their volunteers, and fingerprint screening never tells you the...
Learn more about Screening Solutions: Volunteer

OnSITE Drug Testing and Consulting

Drug Testing Simplified Services

Employment Background Checks: FAST, ACCURATE AND RELIABLE RESULTS OnSITE Drug Testing and Consulting delivers reliable and timely background checks with the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs over time. As your trusted partner, you can expect complete and current information, legal compliance with all applicable...
Learn more about Employment Background Checks

The Source and Recruit Company

Recruitment Marketers | Sourcing Specialists

Rating: 5/5 - 10 reviews

Pre-Employment Background Checks: In an effort to provide the very best FCRA-compliant investigation possible, The Source and Recruit Company is partnered Victig Background Checks™ and will intuitively route your requests to the best solution. The result is the most efficient, timely, and comprehensive search available.
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Background Investigation Bureau

Background Check & Drug Testing Services

Secure Applicant: Applicant background screening doesn’t have to be a lengthy, paper-intensive process. It should be easy for you and for applicants. Secure Applicant streamlines the background screening process so you can deliver a great candidate experience and get quality, secure background check...
Learn more about Secure Applicant

Other Background Search Services: SEX OFFENDER SEARCH This product searches an applicant’s name and birth date for any records in the National Sex Offenders Database. OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSET CONTROL The Office of Foreign Asset Control Search (OFAC) is a database list of foreign nationals that the United States government...
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We Understand Risk. Our Business is to Protect Yours.

Rating: 5/5 - 3 reviews

Background Checks: Background Checks offer scaling levels of risk protection as you move from Database checks, to more Investigative searches requiring more expertise but also revealing more about your applicant’s character. Here is an overview of the types of reports RiskAware provides and how they deepen your...
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Confirm Choice, LLC

A Background Screening Company

Rating: 5/5 - 1 review

Employment Screening: Confirm Choice is a Consumer Reporting Agency and licensed investigative company that specializes in background screening. We provide services nationwide in the United States and internationally in certain countries. Our pricing is highly competitive and our customer service is second to none....
Learn more about Employment Screening

HR Risk Mitigation LLC

In-depth background checks

Rating: 5/5 - 4 reviews

Employment Screening Background Checks: HR Risk Mitigation provides comprehensive background check services for pre-employment screening on prospective new hires, as well as employment screening updates for your existing executives to assist with your corporate compliance program, succession planning, or other corporate...
Learn more about Employment Screening Background Checks

B&B Reporting, Inc.

Elevate Confidence with Expert Background Checks

Statewide Criminal Search: A statewide criminal search consists of the court records of multiple sources from a state. Reports are comprised of, but are not limited to, date of arrest, case number, disposition date, disposition verdict, degree of charges (felony, misdemeanour, etc.), and the actual charge.
Learn more about Statewide Criminal Search

Elevated Background Checks

Employment Screening and Background Checks

Specialty Background Searches: You may have special needs, like conducting due diligence on a potential contractor or business partner, or background information to support a lawsuit. Your wish is our command.
Learn more about Specialty Background Searches

Flex HR is a full-service HR consulting, outsourcing, and recruiting solutions provider. We customize plans for each client, letting you choose only the services you need as your business evolves. Our comprehensive offering includes high-level strategic consulting and planning, HR back office...

Background Investigation: The cost of making a hiring mistake can be astronomical and can create long-term damage to a brand. That’s why we go above and beyond when it comes to criminal background checks. As an authorized affiliate of National Background Data, we’re proud to offer powerful multi-jurisdictional searches...
Learn more about Background Investigation

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