The Metrics You Need to Better Manage FMLA

A free white paper by AbsenceSoft

Recognizing that paper files and spreadsheets are no longer sufficient for managing employee leave, employers are increasingly implementing software solutions to improve leave processes and combat the most manageable leaves, those related to incidental and extended absences. A Mercer survey places the total costs for these absences at 9.2% of payroll1, which for a company with 10,000 employees and an average salary of $50,000, amounts to $46,000,000 in addressable costs. While the first step is implementing a best-practice leave management solution, the next is monitoring and analyzing program results to quantify the benefits. This whitepaper provides examples of metrics and reports that can enable employers to: Analyze trends to help formulate absence management strategies Monitor change to measure ROI (return on investment) of programs and practices Identify risks in real-time to proactively address them and minimize costs

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