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OWINGS MILLS, Md., Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A sales manager's job is one of the most difficult in any company. Hiring, training and motivating people requires a high degree of intelligence, intuition, and resilience.

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In THE INTENTIONAL SALES MANAGER:Harness The Power Of PurposefulLeadership To Transform Your Team, published by Sandler Training (, veteran sales coach Pat McManamon unlocks the secrets to transforming teams into smooth functioning machines.

Managers who become effective leaders must establish minimum standards of performance and activity for themselves that are very different from what salespeople are expected to do. These standards connect to developing people and coaching them so that they get better at executing. Sales managers, for example, have the unique challenge of understanding what people are doing and saying on a sales call, without actually being on the call.

McManamon recommends conducting one-on-one role-playing sessions to address areas of difficulty the person is experiencing. After a series of sessions and a buildup of trust, managers will find that team members will not only accept role-play sessions, but request them. However, it is the manager's job to take the lead and initiate role-plays in the early stages.

McManamon stresses the importance of being focused when it comes to developing people and managers. The book provides techniques for:

  • Becoming a better resource for salespeople
  • Using group meetings to celebrate forward progress
  • Taking time to understand each person as an individual
  • Helping people to experience small wins early on
  • Creating a list of quantifiable behaviors
  • Giving credit to individual team members

Intentional managers understand that their role in developing people and helping them achieve their full potential is an ongoing process. Each person who reports to the manager comes from a unique background with certain beliefs and habitual actions in place. Once the manager identifies a script that is holding an employee back, the ideal intention is to help the person start noticing how the script works, when it comes into play, and what happens when it is followed heedlessly.

Filled with actionable ideas, THE INTENTIONAL SALES MANAGER will help current and aspiring managers identify goals, create accountability, and help themselves and their teams achieve professional and financial success.

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