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ATLANTA, June 25, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- This past week, Contractor Magazine released its June 2020 digital edition. In a section dedicated to "Best Practices," industry leaders in the plumbing and heating sector offer advice for businesses struggling with the effects of COVID-19, one of which is Mark Herbert, President and CEO of Incentive Solutions.

With over 30 years of experience in the incentives industry, Mark is no stranger to business growth strategy. His piece, titled, "Customer Retention Strategies during the Pandemic," stresses the importance of customer loyalty and calculated marketing decisions in order for businesses to stand out from the competition and remain economically fruitful.

"In times of uncertainty, the tendency for businesses is to react, often making swift decisions to reduce spending and minimize financial loss. It is in these defining moments, however, that a business must do its best to respond, contemplating strategy and investing in viable solutions. These decisions of calculated action will decide its ability to overcome the trials of a pandemic."

Mark sites the importance of a clearly communicated brand value of trustworthiness, adapting marketing strategies to address the pain points specific to the current business climate. He also stresses a focus on customer retention strategy for top-performing channel partners through the use of an online customer loyalty program, offering a means of motivation and connection in a time of social distancing and fewer opportunities for work:

"Even if customers are unable to fully participate in a sales promotion, there are alternate ways to maintain engagement, increase channel enablement, and reinforce brand character…Providing structure and reward options in a time of need will have customers remembering the brand's name well after the pandemic subsides."

For a complete view of Mark's customer loyalty and retention strategies, you can visit the Contractor Magazine website, or access the magazine's June 2020 Edition PDF here.

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