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Corporate Synergies Granted Preliminary Injunction Against Former Employees

Press Release from Corporate Synergies Group Inc

CAMDEN, N.J., Oct. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Corporate Synergies, a national insurance and employee benefits brokerage and consultancy, has been granted a preliminary injunction against former employees Greg Andrews, Simone Ur, Gerard Duffy and Barbara Diggs by a United States District Court for the District of New Jersey in Newark.

A federal judge found that Corporate Synergies demonstrated a "reasonable likelihood of success on the merits" in its claims against the former employees that they breached their non-solicitation covenants, and ordered that the former employees cannot accept, solicit, call upon, service, procure or assist the acceptance, soliciting, calling upon or servicing of any business from any clients of Corporate Synergies with whom the individual defendants worked while at Corporate Synergies during the one-year period prior to their departure. The Court also ordered that the injunction was binding on persons who are in active concert or participation with the former employees, including their new employer, Alliant Insurance Services, Inc., and its employees, agents and/or representatives.

"We are pleased with the court's ruling, which protects the investments we have made in our clients and the current team members who support them," said John Turner, president and CEO of Corporate Synergies. "We can now continue to support our clients without interference."

The Court also ordered that the former employees cannot provide information regarding Corporate Synergies' clients to Alliant and may not interfere or attempt to interfere with the business relationships between Corporate Synergies and its clients with whom the former employees previously worked during the last year of their employment.

"We take breaches such as this very seriously and will vigorously defend our rightful position," continued John Turner.

Additional documentation from the court can be found under the following filing: Case 2:18-cv-13381-JMV-MF Document 44 Filed 10/03/18

About Corporate Synergies
Corporate Synergies is a national business insurance and employee benefits brokerage and consultancy. The firm delivers award-winning strategies that control costs, relieve administrative burdens and mitigate risk. The company operates from five U.S. locations, including the headquarters in Camden, New Jersey, and regional offices in New York City; Melville, New York; Bethesda, Maryland; and Orlando, Florida.

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