Develop a More Respectful Workplace with Online Training from Mastery Technologies and Quality Media Resources

Press Release from Mastery Training Services

NOVI, Mich. - Oct. 14, 2013 - Mastery Technologies welcomes new content partner, Quality Media Resources (QMR), to its training content network. Quality Media Resources specializes in training employees to foster better workplace relationships. The two courses released this month by Mastery include, "AWESOME: A New Generation at Work, Engaging Generation Y," and "The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Revisited." Each course costs $19.95 per learner and can be found at

Both courses supply valuable information and advice on how to successfully work with and understand employees and coworkers. Not fully understanding the background of people included in these groups can cause various issues in realizing capabilities they possess. In order to maintain a productive and innovative workplace, empathy, compromise, and listening are essential factors. These factors are vital contributions in making employees feel welcomed and respected. QMR helps initiate best practices in developing a respectful workplace through its courses by sharing tips to effectively communicate with all employees.

As told by QMR, "QMR's programs include powerful dramatizations, insightful expert commentaries, comprehensive facilitation materials, reproducible handouts, PowerPoint slides, and more. We try to make it as easy as possible to use our flexible materials to develop a training curriculum geared towards the specific needs of your organization." QMR is passionate about influencing organizations to hold respectful and productive relationships at the workplace.

Mastery has published QMR courses on the 3rd generation, Video on Demand (VOD) platform. Mastery's VOD courses contain the entire instructional presentation of a training course. All of Mastery's VOD courses include a topical index, displayed on the side of the video when not in full-screen mode. Most VOD courses end with a quiz, including feedback on question answers. Narrated quizzes may be included, as well as additional resources such as downloadable workbooks and job aids.

VOD courses provide large images which appear sharp when viewed in a normal video window. Full screen display sizes are provided, delivering clear audio and sharp video, even when projected or displayed on HDTV screens. Video On Demand titles play on all devices, including desktops, smart phones and tablets.

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