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Italy's leading agribusiness company dramatically reduced the time between asset maintenance and order generation on Appian.

MILAN, March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Amadori, the leading agribusiness company in Italy, relies on Appian (Nasdaq: APPN) for digital business transformation. Leveraging the Appian Platform, Amadori has built a faster, more flexible, and future-proof technology infrastructure. With almost a decade of partnership, Amadori has successfully streamlined and modernised various business functions using Appian's automation and data fabric capabilities. In one example, Amadori dramatically reduced the IT management time between maintenance and order generation. What once took two weeks now takes about three days.


"We chose Appian as our strategic platform for cloud-based digital transformation because it enables us to be agile in how business and IT respond to the demands of an ever-changing environment," commented Sandro Salvigni, IT & Digital Transformation Manager at Amadori. "The mix of business process management (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA) and low-code development supports our focus on process monitoring and continuous improvement, collaboration within and outside of our company, and visibility into our data across applications."

As a leading poultry provider in the Italian market with more than 30% market share, Amadori services more than 20,000 customers with more than 1,500 products and 9,000 employees across 17 product plants, 800 farms and 19 distribution centres. As with many large organisations, Amadori's technology landscape consists of heterogeneous ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems, legacy and custom applications, plus many spreadsheets and unstructured processes. The lack of integration among these systems resulted in manual processes, leading to inefficiencies and errors.

Seeking to simplify operations and enhance collaboration, Amadori turned to Appian to modernise its technology infrastructure. The company aimed to simplify work and improve the user experience for its employees, partners, and customers throughout the value chain. In addition, Amadori wanted to speed up application deployment with lower upfront investments and better leverage cloud technologies.

Using the Appian Platform, the team created a series of new, modern, and connected digital business applications on a fast and flexible technology infrastructure. These new enterprise applications span different functions, from procurement, finance, sales and customer management, product and innovation, legal, IT and fleet management to marketing and packaging. The shift from paper-based to digital processes significantly improved compliance, visibility and control over financial processes.

Using the process automation, data fabric and low-code capabilities of the Appian Platform, Amadori's digital transformation programme has achieved high-impact business outcomes. To date, Amadori uses Appian to:

  • Manage the complete procurement cycle from request to payment, averaging about 100,000 invoices annually, with 25% completely automated.
  • Create a new application with a complete view of customer information and documentation with integration with existing systems, which helped reduce credit request lead time from one week to 2.5 days.
  • Enable effortless collaboration for product development and innovation to help the team manage more than 150 projects and complete 3,000 tasks with 50 employees in the first four months.
  • Streamline legal processes to manage commercial agreements with retail clients and suppliers; replace paper documents with digital contracts and electronic signatures with significant time savings.
  • Maintain and manage assets with more than 2,500 IT devices and vehicles. Appian helped Amadori and its external car dealers coordinate fleet maintenance requests for better visibility and efficiency.
  • Orchestrate packaging-level review and approval between Amadori marketing, quality assurance departments, and external agencies; manage 1,600 graphic requests and changes, with 8,000 completed tasks in one year.

"We are proud of being part of Amadori's digital transformation journey in the last few years and are honoured to provide the technology platform to help the company achieve its strategic vision for the future," commented Silvia Speranza, Regional Vice President of Appian Italy. "Once again, Appian proves to be the ideal technology partner to guide Italian companies towards a sustainable and digital future, capable of innovating business processes quickly, effectively and adapting to new requirements as they arise."

Read the Amadori case study for more information, and explore other Appian customer success stories to see how you could grow and scale your organisation with Appian.

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Sandro Salvigni from Amadori on Appian

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