Products by Kantola Productions LLC
  • Diversity and Inclusion - A Step-By-Step Guide

    Filmed on location in a variety of settings, from healthcare to manufacturing, these two courses feature dramatic scenes, first-person interviews, and research grounded in scientific studies that provide new information and model the kind of behavior that contributes to a more positive... Read More
  • Executive Leadership

    What will be your legacy? Strong leadership is critical to the success of any enterprise, and the most powerful leadership styles are value-based. Effective leaders use everyday actions to model the traits that reflect the values of their organizations. By leading through example, leaders can... Read More
  • Conflicts in the Workplace: Sources & Solutions

    Use this conflict management video to reduce workplace conflict and help employees learn conflict resolution skills that improve collaboration, compromise and creativity. Constructive disagreement can add value, as employees compromise and reach better decisions based on input from others. But... Read More