Products by Kantola Training Solutions, LLC
  • Sexual Harassment Training

    8 Reasons to Use Kantola 1. Kantola has been producing award-winning harassment training for decades. 2. All of our training is video-based, not slide-based. 3. We film in Hollywood, using the best talent available. 4. Our latest harassment-prevention courses were produced in a... Read More
  • Diversity and Inclusion (Video-Based Training)

    Creating an inclusive workplace is a challenge, but the potential payoff is well-worth the effort. Use Kantola’s best-selling diversity training to help your team work together more effectively. Two programs are included: Our employee course (18 minutes) teaches employees to: A. overcome... Read More
  • Conflicts in the Workplace: Video-Based Training

    Interpersonal conflicts are a part of life, but they can really interfere with productivity. Use this 17-minute program to teach specific, reliable solutions to help coworkers put aside their differences, control their emotions and move forward. Skills taught in this course: 1. Responding with... Read More