Wellsource Health Risk Assessment Data Provides Insights into Social Determinants of Health

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PORTLAND, Ore., May 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The conditions in which people eat, live, grow, play, and work directly impact their health, according to data from Wellsource, a provider of evidence-based, NCQA-certified Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and self-management tools. The company analyzed self-reported health and lifestyle data gathered by the Wellsuite HRA from over 24,000 individuals covered by Medicaid to learn more about the influence of social determinants on future and current health. Their published report provides insights and recommendations for population health professionals to consider when serving at-risk populations.

"Our data shows that the dimensions of health you find outside of a patient's chart can contribute substantially to the overall picture of wellness for individuals," said Dr. Brittany U. Carter, Director of Health and Research for Wellsource. "The conditions in which people eat, live, grow, play, and work impact health outcomes directly and indirectly."

The Wellsource Data Review revealed several key findings, including:

  • Geographical location matters when it comes to both lifestyle habits and chronic disease. Southern U.S. states were more unhealthy than Northeastern U.S. states.
  • When making choices about nutrition, 17% of respondents reported that the price of food mattered most to them.
  • Despite having Medicaid coverage, over half of respondents were not up to date on their vaccinations.
  • Lonely individuals are 18 times more likely to report feeling down, depressed, and hopeless than those who are not lonely.

"Intervention strategies should consider the needs of the community and the data you have at hand. Collecting an individual's health and lifestyle data through a secure and evidence-based HRA produces a dataset you can use to build data-driven, targeted, and impactful wellness initiatives," said Dr. Carter. "This report demonstrates how population health professionals can use HRA data to target the right person with the right message—at just the right time."

For the full Wellsource Annual Data Review, visit here.

For four decades, Wellsource has been personalizing population health by designing innovative Health Risk Assessments that are grounded in modern evidence-based medicine.

Wellsource uses the power of technology to drive informed decisions with actionable data for health plans, wellness organizations, and companies committed to improving wellness. Our Wellsuite IV Health Risk Assessments for the Workforce, for Medicare, and for Medicaid are NCQA certified and used for predicting health risks and reducing avoidable costs.

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