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  • Career Transition and Outplacement

    At Lee Hecht Harrison, we’ve developed a better way to connect transitioning employees to the best available jobs. Our Active Placement model is an evolution of the traditional outplacement approach that puts a greater focus on talent acquisition. As a result, we can: -Provide access to 80%... Read More
  • Leadership Development

    Our programs create confident, capable and inspiring leaders who can change company cultures, drive performance, and improve employee engagement. Read More
  • Change Management

    Achieving growth while navigating change requires adaptable, engaged managers and employees — along with an effective strategy for retaining key talent. Read More

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  • US 2020 Severance and Separation Benchmark Study By

    With profound transformation disrupting today’s workforce, is your company prepared to offer severance and separation benefits that are fair and competitive? Download the full Severance & Separation Benchmark study for insights to help you strategize, plan and implement severance and... Read more
  • The New ROI: Return on Individual By

    From replaceable to renewable — the new ROI and its business case. This paper talks about the positive outcome when organizations focus on the individual. Reskilling and redeploying instead of laying off and rehiring can save a company money and greatly benefit the employee. Read more
  • People Power: The Catalyst for Transformation By

    New research reveals that organizations are falling well short of executing the most basic processes and initiatives needed to make workforce transformation a reality. Read more

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