10/25/21- SHRM- TLB

Guide: How to conduct respectful layoffs (including how to handle virtual layoffs)

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In today’s fast-paced and globalized business environment, organizations have to continuously innovate and pivot to respond to external challenges or economic downturns. Layoffs are sometimes necessary as an important part of this process. Whether your organization is currently planning a reduction in force or preparing for future scenarios, our newest guide -- with an added section on best practices for virtual layoffs -- will serve as a valuable resource as you plan workforce changes for your company. Topics include: How do I craft a layoff list while following all federal and state laws and regulations? What are best practices for conducting a compassionate and respectful layoff meeting? What notices and benefits do I need to provide to affected employees? What items should my company include in a severance agreement? Which departments do I need to coordinate with to ensure a smooth layoff event? How can I ensure privacy and respect when conducting layoffs with remote employees?

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