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  • Custom Compensation and Benefit Surveys

    We start by working to understand your business and compensation philosophies. A Custom Survey Team Leader will arrange a face-to-face meeting or teleconference with you and members of your organization. The resulting interactive process will allow both you and your survey team to properly... Read More
  • Global Data Account Management

    Willis Towers Watson Data Services, recognized as the premier provider of compensation, benefits and employment practices information to the global employer community, conducts surveys in more than 115 countries around the world. The results of these surveys, which are checked and verified,... Read More
  • Data Plus Consulting

    Our Data Plus Consulting offering allows you to get the most out of compensation and benefits market data so that you can better manage your pay programs at global, international and local levels. Access practical and actionable advice ranging from a single market pay assessment to a... Read More
White Papers by Willis Towers Watson Data Services
  • Facing the facts: The contingent workforce demands your attention By

    Rapid technological advancement is revolutionizing the workforce. In this environment, it’s essential that corporate leaders take time to understand fully where the future of work is headed — especially as it relates to the growth of the independent workforce, also known as the “contingent... Read more
  • What is the current state of your Total Rewards portfolio? By

    For most companies, the combined expense of Total Rewards programs represents the largest single cost in their annual operating budget. Is your company treating this expense as merely the cost of doing business, or is it maximizing its return on that investment by optimizing the design and... Read more
  • What does the future of work look like in your organization? By

    Digitalization is transforming the nature of work dramatically – and with it, presenting opportunities for organizational change. Jobs as we once knew them are evolving at a faster pace; new skill requirements and occupations are emerging every day and displacing some workers as the half-life of... Read more
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