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The Economist's Highlight's CCL's Millennial Research

Press Release from Center for Creative Leadership

July 2015 —

CCL’s Jennifer Deal cited in new article about millennials.

An article on “Myths about Millennials” in the new issue of  The Economist  ” features research by CCL senior research scientist Jennifer Deal. Her research, the article notes, shows that “most generalisations about millennials as employees are ‘inconsistent at best and destructive at worst’”. Her data has found, for example, the Millennials are considerably more likely than Baby Boomers or GenXers to agree that “employees should do what their manager tells them, even when they can’t see the reason for it” – despite their reputation for rebelling against authority.

Deal explores her findings in depth in her forthcoming book  What Millennials Want From Work , co-authored with Alec Levenson and scheduled for release by McGraw-Hill in January.


Read the full Economist article.

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