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Neeyamo Inc. and WorldWatch Plus® Announce Database Partnership

Press Release from Neeyamo Inc.

LOS GATOS, Calif., Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Neeyamo Inc., a leading platform-based HR services provider for long-tail countries is elated to announce its partnership with WorldWatch Plus®, an AI-powered Know Your Customer and risk screening platform provider, to deliver seamless onboarding and instantaneous authentication of individuals and businesses for a diverse range of industries.

Neeyamo's partnership with WorldWatch Plus® will provide a comprehensive background screening solution with a high level of competency and accuracy to help customers unearth red flags during profile checks. The database-check is powered by more than 4000 different risk sources ranging from heightened risk profiles of individuals and organizations, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), regulatory and enforcement watchlists, sanctions, terrorists and money launderers. The screening will help flag the profiles if their names are listed within any of these databases, which otherwise might cause financial, regulatory and reputational risks for the customer's organization.

"Our partnership with WorldWatch Plus® targets to deliver greater value to customers by simplifying screening, optimizing alert processing and securing their business network development," said Shakil Gour, Head of Neeyamo's Global Background Screening business vertical and Chair Elect, APAC Council of Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). "With the confluence of Neeyamo Inc. and WorldWatch Plus®, we intend to provide our customers with increased ability to assess risk exposure and prevent potential problems turning into financial, regulatory or reputational risks."

Commenting on the partnership, Ken Kunsman, Chief Marketing Officer at WorldWatch Plus said, "This partnership with Neeyamo highlights the channel and integration mindset that went into building our SaaS platform. Today's solutions must eliminate friction and latency, even as they expand our ability to uncover risk around the world. Our marketplace and workforce has become global, and WorldWatch Plus is the fastest way for HR services and background screening firms to go global, too."

About Neeyamo

Neeyamo is a leading platform-based HR solutions provider focused on delivering global HR services to multinational organizations with operations across a long-tail of countries. With more than 1,700 professionals serving clients across 190+ countries and underpinned by its technology wing NeeyamoWorks, Neeyamo works at the intersection of business and technology to deliver best-in-class HR solutions. Neeyamo is also a member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). Visit

About WorldWatch Plus®

WorldWatch Plus is the platform and data division of International Screening Solutions, serving professional background screening and due diligence firms, banking, insurance, and corporate clients requiring global sanctions, PEP, adverse media, and ID verifications services. WorldWatch Plus searches data from thousands of sources in fractions of a second for anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) programs. The solution eliminates false positives to accelerate customer due diligence (CDD) processes. The company was named twice to the Inc. 5000, twice named a Top 10 KYC Solution Provider by Banking CIO Outlook, a Top 10 Innovative Company in Georgia, and added to the NICE Actimize X-Sight financial crime management marketplace.

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