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TalentKeepers’ 16th Annual “Workplace America” Research Report

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TalentKeepers’ 16th Annual “Workplace America” Research Report: Despite Increased Employer Commitment to Engagement and Retention Challenges Remain

Employee engagement and retention are strategic priorities for 82% of US organizations, yet levels of engagement remain stubbornly low


May 15, 2020

WINTER PARK, Fla. — TalentKeepers today announced the release of Workplace America, its 16th annual report of employee engagement and retention trends—now the longest continuously running study of engagement and retention in the United States. Hundreds of organizations participated in the 2020 survey, with 50% employing over 1,000 employees.   


The report begins with good news: employee engagement continues to be respected as a key strategy for many organizations. For six years running, over 82% of US employers rank employee engagement as a strategic priority. Yet that commitment is not yielding results, with only 12% of organizations reporting employee engagement levels of 80% or higher, considered by many as full engagement. Lack of budget support could be contributing to these challenges with just 52% of all organizations budgeting for engagement strategies, compared to 86% of Best-in-Class organizations. 


Also notable this year: 62% of organizations report using engagement surveys. But not all are making the best use of these data. Just 4% of organizations are linking engagement metrics to performance metrics, a fundamental method of gaining operational and senior leadership support for engagement initiatives. 


Early-tenure-turnover—employees who depart within the first 12 months—has increased a dramatic 53% in the last six years, from 52% in 2013 to 80% in 2020. Employees who quit early into their tenure cite “missed expectations” as a primary cause, which are primarily set by recruiting and onboarding messages. Yet, just 19% percent of organizations hold trainers and 18% hold recruiters responsible for engagement and retention. “This is a missed opportunity for the majority of organizations,” said Christopher Mulligan, TalentKeepers CEO and author of the report. “Organizations should make engagement and retention metrics part of the talent acquisition team’s goals, including consequences.”


Regarding leadership, 40% of organizations report measuring leaders’ effectiveness in engaging their employees. Unfortunately, just 44% of organizations develop leaders’ abilities to engage their teams. This year saw 62% of organizations holding leaders accountable for engagement, a dramatic increase from 26% least year.


For the past decade, job and career issues, specifically a lack of career growth opportunities, have fueled unmanaged attrition. A strong economy with record-low unemployment had enabled many employees to adopt a “grow or go” approach. Also notable: leadership issues have been steadily growing for the past seven years as a stimulus for turnover. These trends should motivate organizations to leverage leaders by having them discuss career growth aspirations with their employees. 


Use this link to learn more and obtain a copy of the full report https://www.talentkeepers.com/learning-center/research/


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