eni Announces the Release of its Newest Mobile App, which puts All your Benefits in the Palm of your Hand

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All Your Benefits in the Palm of your Hand

eni, the leader in Integrated Benefit Engagement Solutions announces the release of its newest mobile app, which puts all of your benefits in the palm of your hand! eni ’s BalanceBenefits Mobile App is revolutionizing the Human Resource industry by offering an integrated benefits platform driven by life events. BalanceBenefits is designed to provide companies the greatest return on their largest investment, their staff. HR leaders and National Brokerage Firms everywhere are turning to eni’s BalanceBenefits to improve their bottom line through growth and increased engagement.

Imagine accessing ALL of your benefits with one simple app? Well now that is a reality!   

Introducing eni 's BalanceBenefits Mobile App! With the tap of the screen employees can:

  • View all available benefits
  • Access information on all benefits
  • Ask a benefit question
  • Receive important benefit reminders
  • Live chat with a Benefit Information Specialist
  • Explore how their benefit package can support life events such as marriage, buying a home, finding childcare, travel, and much more
  • Receive a customized Integrated Benefit Report
  • Win prizes just for learning more about their benefits with a unique Gamification aspect
  • Access the 24/7 Customer Care Call-Center

Employers can maximize benefit ROI and increase employee engagement simply by placing benefit information at employees’ fingertips! And Brokers are able to ensure their clients are receiving 24/7 support for all their benefit needs, allowing more time to increase their client base and achieve broker of record status.   

Why is it so important to ensure employees are truly engaged with their benefit package? For starters, employers spend a great deal of money on robust benefit packages for their employees. A MetLife study reports that for every employee making an annual salary of $50,000 per year, the average employer spends an additional $21,839 on benefits for that employee. The only way to achieve any ROI on costly benefit packages is to connect employees with their benefits and make sure that they are utilizing them.

In addition, eni ’s unique Life Event approach goes a step beyond normal use; it actually recommends benefits to employees based on the life event they are facing, providing a more engaging, complete, and satisfying experience for the employee. Satisfaction with benefits is linked directly to employee loyalty, job satisfaction, retention and recruitment. MetLife also reports that 60% of employees cite benefits as an important reason why they stay with their employer and that employees who are satisfied with their benefits are 3 times more likely to indicate that they are satisfied with their job. Furthermore an Aflac Workforces Report found that workers who are extremely satisfied with their benefits are 6 times more likely to stay with their current employer!   

BalanceBenefits, eni’s Integrated Benefit Engagement Solution provides employees, across all locations quick, easy access to all of their benefit needs.   

For more information on maximizing your benefit ROI, please visit www.eniweb.com


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