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  • Substance Abuse Testing | Protect Your Workplace and Your Bottom Line

    The effects of substance abuse in the workplace can be one of the most costly line-items on your income statement, yet because of the complexity of the impact, it often goes unrecognized. Every year employers spend millions of dollars repairing the damage caused by employees abusing drugs and...
  • Information Security Questionnarie for Background Screening

    A sample guide for organizations seeking to assess overall information security risks related to background screening providers.
  • When the Background Report is Not Good: An Employer's Guide To Adverse Action

    Most often when an employer receives a completed background report from their background screening partner, the results are “good” or “clear,” meaning no potentially disqualifying information is reported. The background report confirms the history, qualifications, and experience as presented...
  • How Long a Good Background Check Should Take

    Today’s business moves at the speed of light. Your clients want things yesterday. The last thing you need is to be slowed down by your hiring process. The good news is you can do a thorough and accurate background check on all of your candidates in a very short amount of time.