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About Insightlink Communications

  • Insightlink is an employee engagement research company that has been helping organizations reduce turnover, increase productivity, and improve overall organizational performance since 2001. Our surveys give you unbiased, predictive workforce analytics and reporting on the key drivers of morale, employee engagement, and job satisfaction.

    Employee surveys is all we do and our proven methodology and reporting and analysis get you the critical information you need to make the right decisions. We've helped thousands of organizations of all sizes, design and conduct employee surveys, exit surveys, new hire surveys, and 360s.

    What makes us unique:

    No-hassle, worry-free survey execution. We handle the technical stuff.
    Unsurpassed strategic analysis. We tell you what it all means.
    Reports you can understand. We don't just give you raw data.
    Results you can use to boost employee engagement. We mean it!
    Guaranteed anonymity and confidentiality. Our reputation depends on it.
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Products by Insightlink Communications

  • Employee Surveys

    One of the hallmarks of Insightlink's services is our 4Cs Employee Survey, which includes both overall job satisfaction and a measure of employee engagement. We believe these together are essential indicators of performance for any organization. It's not just about engagement. Recent research... Read more
  • New Hire Survey

    The key features of InsightONBOARD New Hire Survey System are: - Easy set-up and administration, - Surveying at different points in the new hire experience, - Customized survey content, - The option of collecting information in multiple languages - Scheduling to issue the survey invitations when... Read more
  • Exit Surveys

    A key component of this system is the InsightEXIT dashboard that summarizes in real-time key statistics from collected data. At this secure site, HR managers and personnel are able to: - Upload employee demographic data, which will automatically trigger an email invitation, or to invite a... Read more

Content by Insightlink Communications

  • Insightlink's Guide to Successful Employee Research By

    In the past, many organizations viewed employee surveys as simply a human-resource driven initiative that gave their employees the opportunity to "let off steam" but had little strategic value. As a result, the results were often not regarded highly enough outside of HR for any positive action... Read more
  • Benchmarking Employee Surveys By

    Learn how rigorous and accurate employee survey benchmarks can improve your decision making and action planning process. Read more
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    We've been in the research business for more than 30 years and there's nothing we haven't encountered when it comes to surveys. Here are some of the things we've learned that go miles towards making a project successful. These shouldn't be secrets, but we're always surprised when these... Read more