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  • Talent Assessment

    Predict candidate fit and career potential with the industry’s fastest, most predictive talent assessment. Instant hiring intelligence: - Shortlist of highest potential candidates - Job matching to other open positions in your company - Side-by-side candidate comparison - On-demand interview... Read More
  • Video Interview

    Drive speed, engagement, and personal connection with on-demand and live video interviewing. 3 ways to connect with candidates: - Generate excitement with branded video introductions - Replace time-consuming phone screens with re-recorded interviews - Record, share, and select your best... Read More
  • Leadership Assessment

    Remove subjectivity from leadership decisions and build development programs that work. Behavioral and Cognitive Assessment: Discover hidden talent and match people with leadership opportunities. - Shortlist of hi-pos and emerging leaders - Instant job matching to leadership roles -... Read More

Content by Outmatch

  • How to Measure Company Culture and Employee Engagement By

    Company culture and employee engagement are related – but, they’re not the same thing. Learn about the relationship between culture and engagement, plus best practices for measuring these critical pieces of the employee experience. Read more
  • Hydrangeas, Narcissists, and Intuitive Thinking By

    After a boom of data and automation in HR, employers are reluctant to allow any human intuition into their talent selection processes. But being human is a crucial part of hiring. Learn about the advantages of intuition, and the best ways to overcome interview bias. Read more
  • The Business Case for Hourly Assessments By

    The market for hourly candidates is the most competitive it’s been in decades. As a result, you may be considering turning off your pre-hire assessment, or you may be struggling to get budget for a pre-hire assessment. Get the stats and case studies you need to build your business case. Read more