WORKTERRA Partners with Adsero Group Bringing Efficiency and Innovation to its Customers

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PLEASANTON, Calif., Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- WORKTERRA, an elegant, easy-to-use cloud-based technology built to manage the simplest to the most complex HCM challenges, partners with Adsero Group to provide their customers an intuitive, flexible benefits administration, enrollment and compliance system.

WORKTERRA delivers a user-focused, fully configurable, automated benefits administration system that works seamlessly with all other HR functions. It not only provides an efficient, customized solution for Adsero Group customers benefits administration needs, but also equips employees with decision support to help them understand and select their benefits.

"The opportunity to collaborate with WORKTERRA offers us the capabilities to reach our customer in a diverse and efficient manner," says Sean Pomeroy, President of Adsero Group. "Technology is at the forefront in delivering quality solutions at affordable prices. The scalability of our solutions in combination with a technology partner like WORKTERRA provides the capability to offer real change."

HR and benefits administration leaders today require a platform that allows them to easily and effectively pivot their management and communication of employee benefit related programs. In a time where others continue to increase complexity, Adsero Group found WORKTERRA to be the right partner offering the simplicity, flexibility, and scalability they look for in a benefit enrollment, administration, and compliance technology.

"We are excited to work with a partner that shares our mindset for innovation," says Pomeroy. "Our target customer is 1099/part timers/gig economy workforce which traditionally has been an underserved marketplace. Adsero Group is a solutions provider focused on offering healthcare and other valuable benefits to this segment. WORKTERRA is a partner we can trust and we are looking forward to our journey together serving this segment."

WORKTERRA provides a cloud-based technology built from the inside out to handle the most complex HCM challenges. The unified, elegant solution makes HCM easier, less confusing, and more efficient — no matter the size of the company. It's a super-easy-to-use, quickly implemented platform for the full employee lifecycle. Passionate about transforming the HCM experience, WORKTERRA designed its solution set with a unique level of flexibility to continually incorporate new innovations. For more information, visit

About Adsero Group
Adsero Group provides customized benefits solutions and comprehensive special risk management through a variety of strategies. Adsero group maintains a national presence within the insurance industry focusing on the following segments; international travel medical, student health, contractor health solutions, and health special risk products. The leadership of Adsero Group has experience in insurance, travel, and international markets. For more information, visit

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