White Papers by Maxwell Health

  • Client Case Study: Zeid Women's Health Center

    See how Zeid Women's Health Center uses Maxwell Health's benefits administration technology to manage their complex benefits process, resulting in an easy on-boarding strategy and a streamlined open enrollment experience.
  • How Maxwell works with your payroll system

    Keeping payroll systems up to date and in sync can be difficult and time-consuming if you don’t have the right tools available...but with Maxwell, the managing of day to day benefits and payroll changes becomes so much easier!
  • How Maxwell makes it easy to manage COBRA event eligibility

    Let’s face it: keeping up with COBRA administration and compliance is no walk in the park. Even if you use a COBRA administrator, while they remove a lot of work from your plate, it can still be challenging to get the relevant employee demographics and benefits information over to them. Luckily,...
  • Before Vs. After Maxwell For Employers

    Today, you spend valuable time and energy mired in manual paperwork, myriad spreadsheets, and sending one-off emails to remind employees to turn in their enrollment forms or sign that employment document. Maxwell brings all of those scattered processes into one integrated technology solution...