Products by GC Incentives
  • Digital GC GiftPass

    Easily give employees high value gift card rewards via the GC GiftPass™. Our digital GiftPass is delivered with branding and personalization that allows your recipient to choose gift cards from over 200 brands that best suits their style. Set up an account and personalize your reward today or... Read More
  • Physical GC GiftPass

    Our standard physical GC GiftPass is delivered via mail and includes instructions for your recipient to choose gift cards from hundreds of popular brands. Personalize your design with your logo, message and gift amount. Contact us to set up an account or more information on custom designs. Read More
  • Multi Media GC GiftPass

    Create a one-of-a-kind digital reward with our multi-media GiftPass. Choose from one of our holiday designs and watch as our animations delight your recipient or add your own personal video to one of our designs. Like our other products, it comes with a code that allows your recipient to choose... Read More