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Realize the potential within yourself, your team, and your business. Discover Yourself delivers guaranteed results.

Discover Yourself specializes in a level of consulting that helps people understand one another, be more productive and successful, and build professional relationships. Its Insights Discover program uses a four-color model to identify personal preferences. These are used to create a unique 20-page personality profile that identifies strengths and areas for one to develop further in.

The four colors in the model include Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue. Better yet, the model works on several different levels. It can be used to understand each individual in a team. The company has demonstrated expertise that if team members understand one another, it is much easier to deliver the intended results.

Insights Discover is also used to include individual strengths and weaknesses into sales training. Sales people can better learn how to communicate with customers on the phone or face to face, while honing in on how to develop successful client relationships. Also, organizations learn how to develop their sales talent and retain effective sales agents, help them improve their strategies, and harness their natural selling style.

The tools Discover Yourself uses are also effective to help people become successful leaders. They can also be used on a more personal level to help people find personal growth and self awareness. An on-line evaluator helps measure personal preferences.
Discover Yourself is led by Scott Schwefel, a successful keynote speaker and entrepreneur. He founded Benchmark Computer Learning, a Minnesota technology training company, and has trained and coached more than 1,500 corporate executives and leaders.

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Insights Discovery Program Our clients love our Insights Discovery program because it uses a simple and accessible four color model to understand an individual’s unique preferences. It measures these preferences based on responses to a short on-line evaluator. The result is a 20 page personality profile, unique one in one... Read more »

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Insights Discovery Sales Program Perfecting your “Art of Selling” starts with self awareness. The single main reason a sale falls through is because your sales training does not take individual styles into account– both the salesperson and the buyer. Understanding the individual is as important as the process. Whether you are... Read more »

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Insights Discovery Leadership Program Being self aware, and understanding your impact on others is how you become a successful leader. Thousands of leaders in the world’s best companies rely on Insights Discovery to understand themselves and others. In our programs, leaders understand how each of the Insights Discovery Color... Read more »

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