White Papers by Perks Worldwide

  • Moving Mountains How Incentives Can Motivate Employees to Go the Extra Mile

    This eBook is meant to help businesses understand how different incentives can and should be used to achieve different types of objectives. Incentives have varying degrees of effectiveness based upon job type, generation and location. Program managers will gain valuable insights into how to...
  • Enough is Enough: Solving Lackluster Sales Performance

    Does this seem familiar … You meet with your team to talk about sales performance. After an initial discussion that doesn’t provide any insights, the discussion centers on a familiar litany of exhortations including the need to focus and work harder. If you answered yes, this is the resource for...
  • Engagement Through Hiring Contributions

    How can organizations reduce their hiring costs and recruit top quality talent, all while maintaining a satisfied and engaged workforce that will hold strong loyalty and longevity to the organization? Symptoms and solutions may vary. This research paper will answer the question stated above...
  • Employee Recognition Best Practices

    This document provides some practical ideas about the best practices of Employee Recognition programs. We have divided this into two sections – Design and Maintenance. While you may not want or need to incorporate all these ideas into your program, we hope this sparks some ideas.
  • Employee Enagement and Employee Referral Programs: 10 keys to success

    Employee referral programs really do increase employee engagement. How? When designed correctly a good employee referral program will help to increase the quality of new hires, will improve new hire performance and create a more engaged employee after hire, increase employee retention rates and...
  • The Power of Employee Referrals

    Employee referrals should be one of your most valuable recruitment tools. Too often referral programs are not performing at maximum capacity. This ebook shares ideas about how to improve your companies employee referral program.