Randstad RiseSmart accelerates internal and intercompany talent mobility while helping employers avoid layoffs through platform enhancements

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SAN JOSE, Calif., December 15, 2020 — Global outplacement and talent mobility provider Randstad RiseSmart today announced two new solutions that quickly connect hiring managers and recruiters with qualified talent within and outside their organizations faster than ever before: RiseSmart FirstLook™, Recruiter and Enterprise Editions .

While millions of individuals are currently unemployed around the world as a result of the pandemic, employers are also looking to fill millions of roles. In the U.S., for example, this shift represents 10 million individuals who are unemployed while there are 6.4 million open jobs . The European Union’s unemployment rate is currently 7.5% while 1.6% of jobs remain vacant. In Australia, recent data showed 926,200 unemployed individuals and 206,000 open jobs .

Targeting recruiters and talent acquisition teams globally, FirstLook Recruiter Edition offers free access to search and source talent across RiseSmart’s global network of active job seekers. In addition, FirstLook Recruiter Edition also aggregates talent across RiseSmart’s customer-branded talent directories to provid e real-time access to job seekers the minute they become available to the market. Announced in September , RiseSmart talent directories are public-facing sites that customers can deploy at no extra cost, helping to accelerate impacted job seekers’ chances of landing their next role.

FirstLook Enterprise Edition is available to RiseSmart customers and delivers additional value by enabling talent teams within organizations to match people to jobs and jobs to people. This helps organizations improve internal and intercompany mobility and minimize the number of workers affected by layoffs.

Employees can be matched to a wide array of roles, including:

·        Internal jobs, gigs and projects

·        Jobs at other divisions and partner companies

·        Opportunities within RiseSmart’s jobs network

·        Opportunities in the open job market

“It is not uncommon for organizations to be forced to lay off employees from one line of business while simultaneously recruiting for open opportunities in other divisions or partner companies around the globe,” said Kevin Gounden, senior vice president of products and global expansion at Randstad RiseSmart. “Some of our customers tell us that up to 70% of their laid off workers become boomerang employees. This inefficient cycling of talent is not only a costly knowledge drain for organizations, but also devastating for employees, especially in the current economic climate. As a partner to many global companies, we see the opportunity to bridge the gap in which some of our customers need to let go of employees while others are actively hiring. FirstLook Enterprise Edition lets companies maximize talent mobility by automating the matching between their at-risk talent and open opportunities across our global network. We are delighted to bring an entirely new level of transparency, fluidity and innovation to internal and intercompany mobility solutions for our customers.”

With FirstLook Enterprise Edition, internal hiring managers and recruiters can more easily find the right talent to fill job openings, whether from inside or outside the company, by receiving a prioritized list of job matches from among multiple internal and external talent pools. The solution also empowers employees to have more control over their career options by enabling them to be matched to relevant open roles based on their skills.

“The global pandemic has caused tremendous reverberations in the world of work: how we work, where we work and who works,” said Dan Davenport, president and general manager at Randstad RiseSmart. “We are committed to helping organizations avoid layoffs, when possible, through seamless talent mobility. This includes giving our customers direct line of sight into people and skills across multiple talent pools through FirstLook and giving employers control to match people to jobs whether vertically, laterally or across desired ecosystems.”


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Randstad RiseSmart is the fastest-growing career transition and talent mobility provider, and an operating company of Randstad N.V., a global provider of flexible work and human resources services that helps more than two million candidates find meaningful work every year. Our outplacement, career development, redeployment and contemporary tech and touch solutions strengthen employer brands, improve retention and re-engage talent. Employers hire us because we deliver superior outcomes through expert coaching, professional branding, contemporary resources and on-demand analytics. Today, we are a trusted human partner of successful companies across more than 40 industries and deliver services in over 100 countries and 40 languages. Our passion and dedication to innovation, responsiveness and results have earned us extensive recognition and awards from organizations such as Bersin by Deloitte, Gartner Inc., the Brandon Hall Group and Fortune magazine. For more information, visit www.randstadrisesmart.com.


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