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About Stealth Partners Inc

Stealth is a worldwide provider of background screening. No Set-up Fees, No Monthly Fees, and No Annual Contracts you only pay for what you have ordered!

Our CEO has been conducting background checks in one form or another since 1971 giving Stealth Partners a huge advantage in protecting your company over other background screeners due to our wealth of accumulated knowledge and resources. As a loan officer he gained valuable experience in the lending process so we know what is needed when granting credit. From 1975 to 1982 he was tasked with identifying and preventing major frauds for a first tier West Coast bank and from 1982 to the present he has investigated and resolved internal theft and dishonesty cases for many Fortune 500 companies. This extensive history gives us the tools to create a thorough and seamless process for you and your candidates.

Our up to the minute database is user-friendly and incorporates the latest technology and returns most orders within one minute or less. We can also set up a QuickApp © link for our customer’s onboarding website that streamlines the applicant process saving you time and money. The Applicant completes their application, signs a release to perform the background, then clicks on “Complete” which immediately processes their background check.

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Products by Stealth Partners Inc

By Stealth Partners Inc

Pre-Employment Background Searches

Pre-Employment Screening - Stealth offers 3 levels of screening from the entry level worker up to CEO, Click on the link for detailed description Read more »

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DMV/ MVR Records

At Stealth, our strength has always been the provision of Instant Information on driving records to Screening Bureaus, and the Insurance and Transportation Industries. Driving records, also known as motor vehicle reports (MVRs), are documents that detail a history of violations, suspensions, and... Read more »

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By Stealth Partners Inc

Verification and Reference Checking Services

Types of Verification Include: - AIM (Address Information Management) - Credentials Verification Provides education and licensing verification anywhere in the US and around the world. - Canadian Consumer Credit Report Similar to a US consumer credit report. Requires a release from the... Read more »

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