TLB 8.6.18

An Innovative Program For Expanding Globally Fast, Easy And Without Risks Of Foreign Independent Sales Reps

Press Release from Acumen International

Our new Houston-based client is a producer of medical equipment, which the company is selling across Europe.

They used our Global Employer of Record solution in order to hire two sales representatives to expand into the market of  Poland .

We have helped the company select the candidates and we have worked this client for more than 3 years since then. We have found the candidates that fully aligned with our client’s requirements. We onboarded them in in Poland on our client’s behalf.

It was crucial for the client to sign the employment agreement and officially employ its sales forces in the country.

It would guarantee that the employees would dedicate 100% of their time to the company’s product and help protect the account database too. The company has come to us after some of their foreign reps resigned. For this reason, they wanted to hire only employees.   

If you are expanding overseas and are weighing the pros and cons of self-employed remote workforce against dedicated and fully engaged foreign salesforces, you might want to have a look at the innovative program, which we have developed to help manufacturing companies like yourself expand globally fast, easy and without risks of foreign independent sales reps.


 Discover the program to learn how you can:

-       Penetrate multiple foreign markets and start gaining additional revenues fast  

-       Get a competitive advantage in attracting the best international sales forces and eliminate risks of foreign independent sales reps

-       Engage and reward remote sales people with 100% legal compliance

-       Benefit from selling your product through fully dedicated sales representatives all over the world.

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