Turbo-Charge Your Sales In Global Markets: A Free Step-By-Step Roadmap Is Here For You

Press Release from Acumen International

So, you are a manufacturing company attempting to get your products off the ground and onto retail shelves, in order to scale your business in the global marketplace.

If you are deciding on which optimal global sales force you need to ensure your products sell successfully in all chosen target markets, you may be weighing between building an internal foreign sales force, or selling through foreign independent sales reps.

Even if your international business has been in operation for years, you may be looking for a more optimal alternative than a highly risky ‘foreign independent sales rep’ or a costly ‘foreign in-house direct sales forces’ structures.

Irrespective of whether you are just beginning to expand into the selected export markets or have been doing it for some time so far, here is a free must-have ‘Roadmap To Outrageously Successful Selling In Global Markets’ for you. The roadmap reveals to you the # 1 revolutionary solution, designed to help manufacturing companies to turbo-charge their exporting activity. With our solution, you get a unique opportunity to sell through a fully dedicated global sales force, without having to pay as much as hiring a foreign in-house direct sales force would require (let alone setting up a foreign branch for that), or waiting until product sales are high enough, meanwhile working through foreign independent sales reps and exposing your company to various legal, financial and business risks.

In the free roadmap, you will discover how manufacturing companies like yourself can get rid of the necessity to choose the least of the two evils, which are either foreign independent sales reps or foreign direct sales forces. On the contrary, you will learn of an eye-opening solution that has incorporated the best features of the two traditional go-to-market modes, while at the same time offering a range of its own unique strengths. It shifts your focus from how to minimize total costs to how to meet both short-term and long-term objectives when expanding globally.

This roadmap is for you if you would want to know how you can:

  • Make decisions about your global sales force structure based on the strategic objectives you want to achieve, instead of the sales volumes you are generating in a certain market
  • Attract and retain the best global sales people that might never work for your company
  • Make outrageously successful sales in export markets, in a cost-efficient manner, implying higher revenues
  • Eliminate legal, financial and business risks of working through independent manufacturer’s agents / sales reps
  • Enter over 180 global markets without investing a fortune into a foreign direct sales force
  • Motivate your global sales force to push exclusively your company product
  • Secure your valuable customer base irrespective of the number of foreign markets you operate in
  • Have an international sales force that is flexible enough to serve different types of customers, and help you test as many markets as you want, and so much more…
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