TLB 8.6.18

Get a Free Guide to the 4 Methods of Hiring Your Global Workforce.

Press Release from Acumen International

You will discover everything you need to know about how to hire and pay your foreign workforce with 100% compliance and no bureaucratic red tape (and retain the best talent long-term).

Whether you are hiring global talent or expanding overseas, get a copy of our side by side comparison of the four different ways of hiring your global workforce. The guide will help you discover how you can eliminate legal, financial, and compliance risks when engaging and compensating your global workforce. The guide will help you make informed decisions about what hiring method is the best fit for your business.

Inside the guide you will discover that a Global Employer of Record (GEOR) is a third party entity, who serves as an intermediary in an existing employee-employer relationship.

The GEOR is the registered employer for the worker,
charged with carrying out the legal and regulatory requirements of immigration, employment and payroll.

The original employer maintains the substantive work relationship,  making all decisions on compensation, position duties, projects and termination.

Our solution is for companies that have already selected their candidates and want to employ them in full legal compliance, or need to convert their existing independent contractors / freelancers into employees.

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