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Ghana ‘Employee vs. Independent Contractor’ Checklist

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Are you weary of the number of tax regulations and labor laws you may break when hiring a foreign IT developer in Ghana? How do you decide what type of worker to employ? Do you want help selecting an optimal hiring method for your employees? Download this industry expert checklist now! It will get all your questions answered. Our free ‘Employee vs. Independent Contractor’ Checklist helps you define: - what cases call for offering employee status to the selected international prospects and why; - why convert existing contractors/freelancers into employees; - how not to miss key legal and taxation aspects in the process. By taking the Acumen path you are using a unique opportunity to engage foreign experts in Ghana: plan their workload, shift workers between projects, and most importantly - tap into manpower that was hitherto inaccessible, hire based on the skill rather than location. https://www.expressglobalemployment.com/hiring-and-paying-employees-or-contractors/

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