John Oliver Riffs On Retirement Plans and Makes Some Excellent Points!

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In a recent airing of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver devoted an entire episode to money in general and 401(k) retirement plans in particular. The piece can be seen in its entirety at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvZSpET11ZY. It runs for 20 minutes but the actual discussion regarding retirement plans begins at about 11 minutes into the piece (if you have time, watch the whole thing – it is really, really funny). Note – There are more than a few four letter words thrown around. In his general discussion about money, Oliver makes a statement that “money is the thing everyone likes to think they’re good with despite the evidence provided in every episode of the Suze Orman Show.” Oliver highlights Orman shooting down one woman’s request to spend money on a trip to Iceland to become a “certified elf spotter.” Oliver generously offers to provide the woman with her very own elf spotter certificate, thus saving her the expense of the trip.

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