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  • Engagedly - Progressive Talent Management Platform

    With the Engagedly Platform, organisations can align and motivate their workforce. Features include Manager Feedback, Peer Praise, Idea Generation, Knowledge Sharing/eLearning, rewards, objectives alignment (OKR) & social performance. Engagedly is the most comprehensive tool available to drive... Read More

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  • Your Comprehensive Guide To 360 Degree Feedback In The Modern Workplace [Template Included] By

    An expert guide to creating and implementing 360 degree feedback in an organization. Read more
  • Ultimate Guide to 30-60-90 day reviews and check ins By

    As soon as an employee joins an organization, the HR managers start with the onboarding process to equip the employee with the job role, necessary tools, security measures, process and product training, and mission, vision, and goal of the organization. These practices usually last for 2-3 days,... Read more
  • Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement Surveys and Templates By

    In the era of digital transformation, changing technical landscape, and increasing competition, how do organizations keep their employees productive and aligned with organizational goals? The answer to the question lies in finding the organizational activities that contribute towards employee... Read more