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Products by Berke
  • Berke Job Fit Assessment

    Berke's Job Fit Assessment helps you find the best person for the job. Predict job performance with custom job profiles tailored to your organization. Berke's Job Fit Report illustrates how well suited a person is for the requirements of a job. You see, at a glance, if the person is a high,... Read More
White Papers by Berke
  • The Ultimate Pre-Employment Testing Buyer's Guide By

    What to consider when evaluating pre-employment assessment vendors. Understand the benefits and find the best assessment for your needs. Read more
  • Berke's Ultimate Hiring Guide By

    Learn how to hire great people in 7 easy steps. Hiring great people is hard. Really hard. This guide teaches you how to recruit top-notch candidates, how to quickly weed out average candidates, and how to conduct interviews that reveal the real candidate. Read more
  • Berke's Comprehensive Interview Guide By

    Interviewing is harder than it looks. This guide teaches you the importance of asking historical rather than hypothetical questions, how to make your time feel like a conversation, not an interrogation, how to get the most out of other team members’ feedback, and ultimately how to select the... Read more