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CHICAGO, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Keeper Security, Inc., the leading creator of zero-knowledge security solutions, Keeper Password Manager and KeeperChat, today announced significant updates to its flagship product Keeper Password Manager on both the Consumer and Enterprise versions.

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Most prominently used by Business and Enterprise customers, the Desktop & Web Vault will now incorporate subfolders. Subfolders allow you to add additional layers of folders for increased organization across teams, functions, account types and more. Additionally, users can now drag & drop to quickly transfer records from one folder or subfolder to another. The new grid view available to all, will display your records in a more graphical, user-friendly experience. The tiles are sortable and come complete with logos for the most commonly used sites. This new folder organization means that businesses can more easily share records and password access can be managed and deployed to the proper owners more quickly. Similarly, removing records and folders can also be done more easily than before.

Business and Enterprise customers can also now utilize OpenLDAP. Keeper AD BridgeTM now supports OpenLDAP to rapidly provision users by allowing you to seamlessly synchronize your company's organizational structure to assign role-based access controls. And if you're switching between password managers that support subfolders, you can drag and drop your exported file with your passwords into your newly created Keeper Vault and it will import all of your information with subfolders intact, to keep everything as organized as you had it.

"We're thrilled to offer these new capabilities for Keeper Password Manager," says Craig Lurey, CTO & Co-Founder of Keeper Security. "Our security architecture is such that providing these while maintaining our zero-knowledge was no easy feat, but we remain committed to the utmost security and now a more enhanced user experience."

Keeper has also launched a complete redesign of the Password Manager on iOS. Users can now take advantage of a completely redesigned UI with modern themes and easily create records directly from the main menu. The "Files and Photos" feature is also now available offline and there is quick access to KeeperChat integrated into the new UI. Similarly, the Internet Explorer Extension has been radically improved to cover all of the features and functionality of the Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox extensions. For legacy reasons, many organizations still rely heavily on Internet Explorer, and now these users can enjoy the same ubiquitous experience across devices and platforms regardless of browser preference.

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